The Book Of Ruth
"The Story" - Keil and Delitzsch

The Story: (Keil and Delitzsch1)

The Book of Ruth - Introduction - Contents

1.  General Introduction 7.  App-1 Ruth VS Israel
2 The Story: (Keil and Delitzsch) 8  App-2 The "Field of Boaz"
3.  The Story: (C. I. Scofield) 9  App-3 Israel and The Feast Of Weeks
4 The Characters 10 App-4 Salmon the Rescuer_?
5 The Full Outline with Text 11 App-5 Innuendo
6 The Full Outline and Charts 12.  Book Text in Paragraph Form W/outline

The Story: (Keil and Delitzsch1)

The book of Ruth (Gk: Routh) introduces us to the family life of the ancestors of king David, and informs us, in a simple and attractive form of historical narrative, and one in harmony with the tender and affectionate contents, how Ruth the Moabitess, a daughter-in-law of the Bethlehemite Elimelech, of the family of Judah, who had emigrated with his wife and his two sons into the land of Moab on account of a famine, left father and mother, fatherland and kindred, after the death of tier husband, and out of childlike affection to her Israelitish mother-in-law Naomi, whose husband had also died in the land of Moab, and went with her to Judah, to take refuge under the wings of the God of Israel (chap. i.); and how, when there, as she was going in her poverty to glean some ears of corn in the field of a wealthy man, she came apparently by accident to the field of Boaz, a near relation of Elimelech, and became acquainted with this honorable and benevolent man (chap. ii.); how she then sought marriage with him by the wish of her mother-in-law (chap. iii.), and was taken by him as a wife, according to the custom of Levirate marriage, in all the ordinary legal forms, and bare a son in this marriage, named Obed. This Obed was the grandfather of David (chap. iv. 1-17), with whose genealogy the book closes (chap. iv. 18-22).

1(Delitzsch, F., Keil, C. F., Commentary on the Old Testament, in Ten Volumes, Volume II, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I & II Samuel, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1978 reprint, p. 465).

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