The Book Of Ruth
"The Story" - Scofield

The Story:
(C. I. Scofield)2

The Book of Ruth - Introduction - Contents

1.  General Introduction 7.  App-1 Ruth VS Israel
2 The Story: (Keil and Delitzsch) 8  App-2 The "Field of Boaz"
3.  The Story: (C. I. Scofield) 9  App-3 Israel and The Feast Of Weeks
4 The Characters 10 App-4 Salmon the Rescuer_?
5 The Full Outline with Text 11 App-5 Innuendo
6 The Full Outline and Charts 12.  Book Text in Paragraph Form W/outline

The Story: (C. I. Scofield)2

Author: Unknown
Theme: Kinsman-Redeemer
Date of writing: c. 10th Cent. B.C.

In Ruth the events set forth are contemporary with the first half of Judges. In contrast with that period of strife and bloodshed is this lovely idyll, renowned in world literature as a masterpiece of narration. The book, however, is more than a beautiful picture of pastoral life; for behind the story of Ruth's fidelity there are clear implications of our Lord's redeeming work. Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer, points to Christ; Ruth portrays those who enter into a new life through trust in Him. It is significant that both Boaz and Ruth are mentioned in the Messianic genealogy (Mt. 1:5)

The book may be divided according to chapters, as follows:

        I. Ruth Deciding
       II. Ruth Serving
      III. Ruth Resting
     IV. Ruth Rewarded

2(Scofield, C. I., The New Scofield Reference Bible, KJV, Oxford University Press, NY, 1967 Edition, p. 317)

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