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Historical Roots of Philadelphia College of Bible, Photo Album
Douglas B. MacCorkle, President,
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Philadelphia College of Bible, Milestone 1969

Dr. Douglas B. MacCorkle, President



The past is exciting when it is considered as prologue. this is precisely the mood of this volume. PCB students are portraying honestly the greatness of a past through which God has brought this college to the borders of unprecedented opportunity and challenge. This prologue introduces a present in which more regenerated young people than ever are preparing to inscribe new exploits in their own CAREERS WITH CHRIST. They may be involved in tikes of the largest population explosion and moral erosion prior to Christ's coming for his people. The thrill for readers will last because the stability of the past has produced wholesome complementary changes. (Isaiah 43:19)



Philadelphia College of Bible MILESTONE, 1969
1913-1951 Bible Institute of Pennsylvania 1914 - 1951 Philadelphia School of the Bible 1951 The Merger - PSB + BIOPA = PBI 1958 PBI becomes Philadelphia College of Bible
1958 Philadelphia College of Bible 1969 C. E. Mason Dedication  
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Philadelphia College of bible MILESTONE, 1969

Elizabeth Mason, Editor
Paul Kartman, Managing Editor



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