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Philadelphia College of Bible, Milestone 1969

Philadelphia College of Bible culminates fifty-six years



Drive for scholarship was brought to PCB by Charles C. Ryrie, a noted evangelical author and President from 1958-1962.


The greatest change made necessary by the Bible college transition was in the area of curriculum. The college now offered four specialty courses: Bible Missions, Bible Christian Education, Bible Pre-Theology, and Bible Music. In the following years, Bible Social Work and Bible Nursing were added and Pre-Theology became Pastoral Studies.


The maintenance of rigid academic standards require hours of outside research in nearly every course offered at PCB.


Higher academic standards were the central thrust of the ensuing years. In April of 1967, the college was accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. In this significant step, PCB retained its distinction as a Bible college and attained the highest rating possible for collegiate institutions.


The emphasis on Christian service has remained constant at PCB but new methods and means are continually utilized.


The title of the institution spells out its purposes. PCB is an interdenominational urban college, enveloped in the huge city of Philadelphia and wholly concerned with the city's needs. It is a four year college with strict academic requirements. And most of all, it is a college where every student majors in the study of the Bible. The original intent of this school has not wavered from the designs of W. W. Rugh, C. I. Schofield, and Wm. L. Pettingill.


Desire for expansion and growth of the college has marked the administration of Douglas. B. MacCorkle, President since 1963.



Philadelphia College of Bible MILESTONE, 1969
1913-1951 Bible Institute of Pennsylvania 1914 - 1951 Philadelphia School of the Bible 1951 The Merger - PSB + BIOPA = PBI 1958 PBI becomes Philadelphia College of Bible
  1969 C. E. Mason Dedication 1963 - Douglas B. MacCorkle, President, PCB
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Philadelphia College of bible MILESTONE, 1969

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