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Philadelphia Bible Institute results from merger



Purchased by PSB in 1950, the building at 1800 Arch Street housed PhilaBI after the merger.


Two Bible schools with parallel ministries had functioned independently in one city for thirty-seven years. On July 1, 1951, the resulting confusion was resolved in the formation of the Philadelphia Bible Institute. Continuity of purpose was evidenced in the merger of PSB and BIOPA into Philadelphia Bible Institute, for the Institute continued to function on the same principles held so firmly by Rugh, Schofield, and Pettingill. Men and women from both schools formed a new working team with a forward look. Enrollment increased in both day and evening schools as the institute became more widely known.


William A. Mierop, president of BIOPA, 1944-1951, was a key personality in the merger arrangement, and was president of PhilaBI from 1951-1956.


Fellowship between students of both schools promoted the unity of spirit necessary after the merger.

In the next seven years, Philadelphia Bible Institute served as a three-year training ground for Christian workers. Most of these young people completed a degree in another college after intensive Bible study at PhilaBI. In a world of technological advance, the "three and two" years of study met a vital need for Christian youth. The Bible Institute developed a vigorous extra-curricular program to complement the already vital practical Christian service program and Bible-centered curriculum.


Christian service continued to play a major role in the students' total learning experience.



Vocal and instrumental expression are just two of the many areas of creativity enjoyed by seniors. (PBI violinist)


Cheerleaders lead in victory - wrestling or the touch football of PhilaBI.


Musical groups were a popular form of expression at PhilaBI.


In 1958, a four year degree program was instituted and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted PhilaBI the authority to grant the Bachelor of Science in Bible degree. The Institute incorporated another year into the curriculum program and took the name Philadelphia College of Bible. As a degree-granting Bible college, the new Philadelphia College of Bible provided a Bible major with a church vocational minor and supplemented the curriculum with liberal arts taught form a conservative viewpoint. The new school was ready to compete in the education-saturated world of the 1960's.


Philadelphia College of Bible MILESTONE, 1969
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1958 Philadelphia College of Bible 1969 C. E. Mason Dedication 1963 - Douglas B. MacCorkle, President, PCB
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