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Merger of Philadelphia School of the Bible and
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Philadelphia College of Bible, Milestone 1969

Philadelphia School of the Bible moves toward merger



J. D. Adams served as president in the years 1933-1936 and 1939-1943.


Commemorative dinner honored the many faithful years of service of President, J. D. Adams.


By 1934, after a faith ministry of 20 years, the Philadelphia School of the Bible owned eight buildings. The post-war year evidenced a growth of the school's ministry in the form of Bible conferences and radio programs. Academically, Philadelphia School of the Bible, like the Bible Institute of Pennsylvania, had developed into a collegiate Bible training institution, accredited by the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges.


E. Schuyler English, (President from 1936-1939), was a prominent speaker and writer who edited the Pilgrim Bible and New Scofield Reference Bible for Oxford Press.


Individual study of the Bible outside of class characterized PSB.


In 1951, final plans for the merger of Philadelphia's two Bible schools were culminated. A new name was chosen, and the building which had housed the YWCA at 1800 Arch Street became the home of Philadelphia Bible Institute.

Philadelphia College of Bible MILESTONE, 1969
1913-1951 Bible Institute of Pennsylvania 1914 - 1951 Philadelphia School of the Bible   1958 PBI becomes Philadelphia College of Bible
1958 Philadelphia College of Bible 1969 C. E. Mason Dedication 1963 - Douglas B. MacCorkle, President, PCB
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Philadelphia College of bible MILESTONE, 1969

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