The Book Of Ruth
Chapter 1:11-18
"Ruth's Return"

Chapter 1: 11-18
"Ruth's Return"

J. Deering,

RUTH 1:11-18  "Ruth's Return"
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Visualized Text and Questions Only
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THE VISUALIZED TEXT (NASB)  (conjunctions & prepositions (and other important words) underlined, words not in original text in italics)  (alternate text in purple)


But Naomi said,

"Return, my daughters.
Why should you go with me?
Have I yet sons in my womb,
that they may be your husbands?

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:11

  1. What does the use of the word “But” indicate here?
  2. Who is the key person in this verse?
  3. What does she tell them to do?
  4. Why does she ask if she still has sons in her womb?
  5. How would it change things if she did?
  6. Why would Naomi possibly not want the two daughters-in-law to return to Israel with her?
  7. Look-up and research "Levirate Marriage."
  8. What would be the benefits to Ruth and Orpah if Naomi was to marry in the "Levirate" tradition?
  9. Who would be their possible husbands?


          "Return, my daughters!


I am too old to have a husband.


I said I have hope,


I should even have a husband tonight and
bear sons,

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:12

  1. What does she now implore them?
  2. Why say “Return, Go”?
  3. Can you develop a good estimate for Naomi's age at this time?
  4. Has Naomi lost her hope?

          would you therefore wait until they were grown?
          Would you therefore refrain from marrying?
                    No, my daughters;
                             for it is harder for me than for you,
                             for the hand of the LORD has gone forth against me."

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:13

  1. What is Naomi doing?

  2. Has God’s hand gone out against Naomi?

  3. Does the fact that a Bible character says something make it true?

  4. What does the phrase “The hand of The Lord” indicate about Naomi?

  5. What does the phrase “The hand of The Lord” indicate about Naomi’s God?

  6. What does the phrase “has gone forth” indicate about Naomi’s God?

  7. What does the phrase “against me” indicate about Naomi?

  8. Consider how long would Ruth and Orpah have to wait - if Naomi had a new husband "even if I should have a husband tonight and also bear sons?"

  9. How long would you wait until you looked elsewhere for a mate?

  10. Why does Naomi say that it is harder for her than for them?

  11. Consider the number of times that you have thought that God was against you, when in the end He was indeed FOR you?

  12. What do you know about Naomi's faith?

And they lifted up their voices and wept again;
          and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law,
          but Ruth clung to her

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:14

  1. What does “they lifted up their voices” mean?

  2. What did Orpah do?

  3. What did Ruth do?

  4. What kind of a kiss did Orpah give Naomi?

  5. What does their weeping tell you about their relationships with one another?

  6. Compare and contrast Orpah and Ruth's reactions.

Then she said,
          "Behold, your sister-in-law has gone
          back to her people and her gods;
          return after your sister-in-law."

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:15

  1. Why did Naomi say “Behold?”

  2. What did Orpah do?

  3. Where did she go (two things)

  4. What did Naomi want Ruth to do?

  5. Where did Mahlon and Chilion meet their wives?

  6. Were Ruth and Orpah Jews?

  7. Who was Moab?

  8. Was Moab a physical seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

  9. Did Naomi expect that Ruth should return after Orpah?

  10. What does this say about Naomi's knowledge and relationship with Ruth?

But Ruth said,
"Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you;
          where you go, I will go, and
          where you lodge, I will lodge.
          Your people shall be my people, and
          your God, my God.


          "Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried.
                   Thus may the LORD do to me,
                   and worse, if anything but death parts you and me."

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:16-17

  1. What does the use of the word “But” indicate here?
  2. Who is speaking now?
  3. What does she tell Naomi NOT to do?
  4. Do you think Ruth's reaction is extraordinary?
  5. Spend some time considering the loyalty of Ruth’s words to Naomi.
  6. Ruth’s strongest statement concerns Naomi’s God, spend some time considering this.
  7. Has Ruth already put her trust in Him?
  8. If so, why?
  9. Of the items listed here, which is the most telling about Ruth's spiritual condition?
  10. If Ruth is already converted here, what does it say about her time with Elimelech, Naomi, Chilion, and Mahlon?
  11. Consider what it would take to make you leave this country, follow another's god, and live with their people in their land?
  12. Consider where you would wish to be buried if you died on foreign soil.
  13. Would Ruth probably outlive Naomi?
  14. Who is Ruth’s commitment really made to?
  15. Ruth’s dialog changes abruptly in this verse when she calls Naomi’s God something else, what name does she use?
  16. How long a commitment is Ruth making to Naomi?

    she (Naomi) saw that
    she (Ruth) was determined to go with
    she (Naomi) said no more to
    her (Ruth).

 Questions and Answers about Ruth 1:18

  1. What did it take for Naomi to understand Ruth’s intensions?

RUTH 1:6-10  "Ruth's Return"
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