The Book Of Ruth
Chapter 3:6


Chapter 1: 1-5
"Ruth's Relationships"

J. Deering,


RUTH 3:6

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Chapter three ends in verse 18 with Naomi saying to Ruth "… for the man will not rest until he has settled it today," and begins in verse 1 with Naomi saying to Ruth, "My daughter, shall I not seek security for you….?" So it should be clear that what takes place between these two verses remains unfinished at the end of the chapter.


In Chapter 3:1 we are introduced to "The Plan" of Naomi, then in verse 5 we have Naomi's "Promise" that she will do all that Naomi advises, and then here in verse 6 is those remarkable words "She went, and she did "ALL," that Naomi has asked.


Isn't it wonderful when you find someone who has heard good advice and then acts upon it. The removal of the self will in important matters. Naomi represents the loyal portion of the Nation of Israel, encouraging, recommending, advising, and nurturing the recently back-sliding portion of the nation towards their redeemer (remembering that they are not coming for salvation but to restoration of their former position).


In quite another way Naomi also represents the loyal members of the Body of Christ (inside or outside of the local church) who give their lives and their energy to restoring back-sliding believers into fellowship with Christ, and back into fellowship with other believers. God bless the Naomi's of this world. They stand along side troubled believers and give their full support, showing them the way, making straight their paths, that they might be restored into full fellowship. Like in the story, Ruth has already (perhaps years ago) turned from idols to God. As a "believer" she has found herself outside the circle of fellowship in the nation, she was coming from "another country." She needs a "Kinsman-Redeemer" to bring her back, to buy her back, someone who will pay for her heart.


Although not directly the point of the story of Ruth is the easy application of her situation to parallels in salvation. Whether it is amongst individuals in the ancient nation of Israel or since the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the process of becoming a "Believer" has been always the same. Finding Him, being introduced to Him, and then making Him the only thing anywhere of any value to you. The true believer says "You, dear LORD, only You, and nothing else, I must have You." Even if you fall on your need in sorrow for your sin, even if you turn away from sin and other gods, if you do not find Him as your "One and only," it is all for naught. God is looking for those who only desire Him, and when that happens we find ourselves face to face with Jesus the Savior and the recipients of His saving Grace.

Hear His promise, listen to His plan, and then act with "Promptness." Tomorrow may be too late.



THE VISUALIZED TEXT (NASB)  (conjunctions & prepositions (and other important words) underlined, words not in original text in italics)  (alternate text in purple)





                   went down to the threshing floor and

                   did according to all

                             that her mother-in-law had commanded her.


Brief Commentary on Ruth 3:6


The word "so" indicates to us that what happens in this verse (and others that follow) is the result of actions taken in the previous verse or verses.


Naomi has given instructions to Ruth on how to approach this delicate matter. Now it is up to Ruth. Her response is immediate. What trust Ruth has in Naomi, what a wonderful relationship these two women have with each other. Naomi is the mature nurturer and Ruth is the young willing learner. Ruth now has Naomi's plan and begins to put it into action. The intention of both women is to acquire the attention of Boaz. We know that he has interest in her and that he is a generous caring man. Everyone in the story knows that he is family and a possible kinsman-redeemer for either Naomi or Ruth. Naomi and Ruth know that Naomi is not a good candidate to put forward for acceptance by a kinsman-redeemer. The point of such a law is that the bride will be able to bear children in order to continue the family line and the property that goes with it. God had purposefully put this into the law in order to continue Abraham's covenanted people, forever. Under Jewish law the land and its harvest belongs to God. The people of Israel are only caretakers. The land has been divided between the tribes of Israel and the law states that it should never be sold or divided up –it is His! Once ever fifty years all land transactions are cancelled out and everything returns to its original land granted families who have been chosen as official caretakers of those portions, but it is not theirs, it is His.


Ruth is the best candidate. She is young, and thanks to Naomi, she has caught the eye of a possible kinsman-redeemer, Boaz. Now in verse 6 Ruth takes action.


Questions and Answers about Ruth 3:6

  1. What does the word "so" indicate?
    (The continuation of the previous verse as a result of the actions that lead to this moment)

  2. Who is "She"?

  3. Where was Ruth before this time?
    (City of Bethlehem with Naomi)

  4. Why go DOWN to the threshing floor?
    (In reference to a Jewish city everywhere except Jerusalem is down)

  5. Who's threshing floor did she go to?
    (Boaz, in the Field of Boaz)

  6. What did she do when she arrived there?
    (Everything that Naomi had told her to do – Wash, anoint yourself, put on wedding clothes, go to threshing floor, stay hidden until after dinner and he goes to sleep, go lie at his feet, listen his instructions)


 Horizontal Chart for Ruth 3:6


Ruth 3:6

The Promptness

"So she went down to the threshing floor and did according to all that her mother-in-law had commanded her."



Verse Percentage Chart for Ruth 3:6



RUTH 3:6

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