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W. W. RUGH, "Christ In The Tabernacle"
2nd Printing of 1912 Devotional Guide
Part 21 - Typical Teaching of the Tabernacle
"Israel's Folly and Jehovah's Favor"


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W. W. Rugh, Bible Institute of Philadelphia
40 Page Printed Devotional Guide
1st Edition 1912

Israel's Folly and Jehovah's Favor

Exodus 32. To save idolatrous Israel from the wrath of the uncovered law, Moses interceded for them in the presence of Jehovah, before he descended from the mount, and then he broke the tables of the law as he came down from His presence.

Then Moses called for all who were on the Lord's side to come out to him, and all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him, and turned away God's wrath from guilty Israel by slaying about three thousand men. Numbers 25:10-13.

The heart cry of Moses, as an intercessor, for Jehovah to forgive the sin of Israel, or blot out his name, because typical of Christ, resulted in God dealing with Israel on the ground of grace and not law. Luke 23:34; Romans 9:3.

What clear foreshadowings of God's grace manifest toward us through Jesus Christ, who as our Mediator has stood between us and God and was willing to be forsaken of God, that He might deliver us from God's wrath toward us as sinners. Psalms 22:1; Matthew 27:46; Romans 5:6-9.

If, like the Levites we will separate ourselves unto the Lord, we may turn away His wrath from many as messengers of grace and not law. Romans 1:16.

Exodus 33. Because of Israel's sin, however, Jehovah said that His presence should not go with Moses, but that He would send an angel to guide them and bring them into the promised land. But the intercession of Moses prevailed, and the Lord went with them,
The presence of the Lord in the wilderness was more to be desired than all the wealth of a land flowing with milk and honey, without His presence. "In His presence" is fullness of joy.

Exodus 34. For Moses to behold the glory that was passing away resulted in a shining face. How much more to behold the glory of God revealed in the face of Jesus Christ, which glory is abiding. 2 Corinthians 3:7 to 4:6.

By W. W. RUGH, Associate Dean, Bible Institute of Pennsylvania
1418 N. 16th Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


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