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Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
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ZECHARIAH: Introduction and Simple Outline

("Remembered of Jehovah")

Zechariah, like Haggai, was a prophet of the restoration, from about 520-490 BC. See the introduction to Haggai for cross-references between the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, and Zechariah. He is mentioned in Ezra 5:1 and 6:14. In the book of Nehemiah, reference is made to a priest named Iddo (12:4) and to his son Zechariah. From these references it may be inferred that Zechariah was of priestly descent, if not himself a priest.

The prophet was born in Babylon and returned to the land of his fathers when still a child.

Two series of prophecies are given in the book: the first, carefully dated, bearing upon the work of building the temple; the second, which are undated, have reference to Israel's future and the time of the end.

Many direct predictions concerning Messiah are found in this book:
1. His triumphant entry 9:9
2. His betrayal for thirty pieces of silver 11:12
3. The disposal of blood money for potter's field 11:13
4. The scattering of His disciples 13:7

The Book of Vision and Victory


    1. The solemn warning 1:1-6
      First prophetic message: a call to repentance.

    2. The prophetic visions 1:7-6:8

      1. The red-horse rider among the myrtle trees 1:7-17
        God displeased with the callous indifference of the nations to Israel's plight at that time.

      2. The four horns and the four smiths 1:18-21
        God will cause Gentile powers ("horns") to be cut off in judgment.

      3. The man with the measuring line 2
        The coming restoration and enlargement of Jerusalem.

      4. Joshua, the high priest 3
        Double type:
        (1) Israel in her sin;
        (2) Christ as the Priest. Illustrates Israel's forgiveness and ours.

      5. The golden candlestick and the olive trees 4
        Israel as a testimony by the power of the Spirit (cp. the two witnesses, Rev. 11).

      6. The flying roll and concealed woman 5 Commerce and wickedness.

      7. The four chariots and horses 6:1-8
        Final judgment on world powers.

    3. The symbolic act 6:9-15
      Prophecy of crowning and reign of Christ.

    4. The instruction to the deputation 7-8

      1. The question 7:1-3
        Should they continue fasts which memorialized events of 2 Kings 25?

      2. The answer: No! 7:4-8:23

        1. Fasts not instituted of God 7:4-7

        2. God requires inward righteousness 7:8-14
          Their punishment was due to their sins.

        3. God will restore what has been lost 8:1-17
          Exhortation to hear the restoration prophets: Haggai and Zechariah.

        4. Fasts are to be converted into feasts 8:18-23
          Jerusalem will become the religious center of the earth.

  2. PREDICTION 9-14

    1. Concerning the people of Israel 9-11

      1. The destruction of cities surrounding Israel 9:1-8

      2. The triumphal entry of Christ at His first coming 9:9

      3. Christ's future worldwide kingdom 9:10-17

      4. Israel to be strengthened by God against her enemies 10:1-8

      5. The dispersion and re-gathering of Israel in one view 10:9-12

      6. Christ, the True Shepherd, rejected at His first coming and the consequent wrath of God 11:1-14

      7. The false messiah and his judgment 11:15-17

    2.  Concerning the King and the Kingdom 12-14

      1. The overthrow of enemies 12:1-13:9

        1. The great tribulation of Israel 12:1-3

        2. The remnant of Judah strengthened in the day of trial 12:4-9

        3. The outpouring of the Spirit and the repentance of Israel 12:10-13:9

      2. The second advent of the King 14:1-8

        1. The battle against the nations 1-3

        2. The topographical and terrifying effects of the King's descent 4-8

      3. The glory of the kingdom 14:9-21 Characteristics of the kingdom


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