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Clarence E. Mason's "Later New Testament Epistles"
2 John



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Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible



Introduction: "This letter is written to a lady and her family, and is the only epistle so addressed. It warns against the abuse of hospitality by those who would spread error in the home and household."

  1. The salutation 1-3
    "Love in the truth": the seed plot of the letter.

  2. The thanksgiving 4

  3. The exhortation 5-6

  4. The warning 7-11: do not fraternize false teachers.

    1. Apostates are "on the loose" 7

    2. How to live in days of apostasy 8-11

      1. Look to yourselves 8
        Lest we lose our reward by not being on the alert.

      2. Beware of apostates 9-11

        1. The test 9 (cp. v.7): beware of poison

        2. The treatment 10-11

          Beware of compromise 10a-b

          Beware of participation or contamination 10c-11

  5. The explanation and anticipation 12

  6. The closing salutation 13

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