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Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible

Edited by Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.


    1. We should not confuse the past and present aspects of Kingdom truth with a future kingdom that is to be established on the earth at the coming of Christ.
      1. The past aspect.
        When Christ was here upon earth, the kingdom was "within (that is, among') you, " or "in your midst" (Lk. 17:21), i.e., by virtue of our Lord's personal presence; the King with His available kingdom was in their midst, calling upon them to repent so that they would qualify for its entrance (Mt. 5:20; 3:7-8).
      2. The present aspect during this age.
        1. Individual believers are members of His kingdom ("mystery" form) (spiritual), Col. 1:13.
        2. During this age the Kingdom comes not by observation or outward show.
        3. During this age the Kingdom nation (Israel) is scattered and the land desolate until the Times of the Gentiles be fulfilled, Mt. 23:37-39; Lk. 21:20-24.
    2. The Millennial Kingdom will not be a universal reality until Christ returns.
      Ps. 72:8; Mic. 4:2-3; Mt. 19:28; 25:31; Rev. 3:21; 11:15
      1. The world is pictured as being under the reign of the Man of Sin when Christ returns, 2 Thes. 2:8; Rev. 19. In 2 Thes. 2, the Man of Sin is represented as being at the height of power at the return of Christ, and in Rev. 19, it is Christ in His second advent who destroys the Beast and the False Prophet. He is also represented as destroying the armies of unrighteous nations who are gathered against Him at His coming.
      2. Christ is said to return immediately after the Great Tribulation, Mt. 25:21-22, 29-30; Lk. 21:25-31. This does not permit a millennium between the close of the Great Tribulation and the return of Christ, or at any other time between the two advents. The second advent precipitates, makes possible, and brings in the millennium.
      3. The tares and the wheat grow together until the harvest which is the end of the age, Mt. 13:36-40.
      4. Tribulation believers are to be raised from death before the millennium, Rev. 20:4,6. This requires the return of Christ, Dan. 12:1-3;
        Rev. 19:llff. Also, the saints of Old Testament ages, as well as the Church, must have been raised prior to the millennium. For the order or stages of the first resurrection, see Section IX, E, pp.167-168.
      5. The course of this age makes the return of Christ premillennial. (1) The teaching of Christ, Mt. 24; Lk. 21.
        The mystery of iniquity in 2 Thes. 2 that was at work in Paul's day is to continue until the time of the Anti-Christ and until the return of Christ.

        1 and 2 Timothy picture apostate Christendom at the end of the age. Throughout this age believers are represented as being persecuted.
      6. The entire age is said to be in the power of Satan, 1 Jn. 5:19. The unregenerate are pictured as being in the lap of the Wicked One (lit., "lieth [in the arms of] the Wicked One").
      7. We are never told to look for the millennium, but we are constantly exhorted to look for the Lord's return for His saints.
    3. The Kingdom Age will last 1000 years, during which time Satan will be bound, Rev. 20:1-3.
      According to w.4 and 5, the millennium will open with the first resurrection and close with Satan's last revolt (Rev. 20:7-10) and the resurrection of unbelieving dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (Rev. 20:11 15).
    4. The contrast between the millennial city of Jerusalem and the heavenly city (New Jerusalem) is as follows:

      Millennial City (on earth) Heavenly Jerusalem
      On the earth, Ezk. 40:2 In heaven, between heaven and earth, Rev. 21:2, 10, 23-26
      An earthly temple, Ezk. 40-42 God tabernacles among men -- no need of a temple, Rev. 21:3, 22
      Temple worship includes sacrifices, Ezk. 43-46 Things of the former earth are passed away. Therefore, there is no memorial of redemption in the form of sacrifice
      The divisions of the land. The earthly city is not 4-square. It might be referred to as the intermediate city between the city that shall fall to invaders, Zech. 14:1-2, and the new city that shall come down from heaven, Rev. 21:10 No mention is made of land or division, but there is mention of 12 foundations, thus making the city 4-square. Rev. 21:9-21. It continues through the millennium and becomes the eternal city, Rev. 21:1; 22.5
      There will be need of sun, moon, and stars There will be no need of sun, moon, or stars. There will be a new light, Rev. 21:23.27 ("lamp")


    1. There is to be the manifestation of Christ in all the earth.
      1. He will be manifested as man at Jerusalem where He was crucified.
        The place of His humiliation will be the place of His exaltation.
        Acts 1:11;
        Zech. 8:3; 11:10; 12:10-12; 13:1-6; 14:1-8;
        Ezk. 43:7; 48:35;
        Joel 3:21;
        Zeph. 3:15.
      2. He will be manifested as the son of Abraham, the inheritor of the land of Palestine. He is the Seed concerning whom the promise was made to Abraham,
        Gen. 17:8;
        Mt. 1:1;
        Gal. 3:16.
      3. He will be manifested as the son of David. He is the heir to the throne,
        Mt. 1:1;
        Rev. 3:21.
      4. He will be manifested as the son of man. He will execute judgment,
        Jn. 5:27.
      5. He will be manifested as a King.
        1. He will be King of Righteousness,
          Isa. 32:1.
        2. He will be King of Peace, Isa. 2:4.
        3. He will be King of Israel,
          Jn. 12:13.
        4. He will be King of Kings, Rev. 19:16.
        5. He will be King of all the earth, Zech. 14:9; Phil. 2:10.
      6. He will be manifested as the mighty God, or God the Son,
        Isa. 9:6;
        Ps. 134:3; Heb. 1:8-10
        The Lord who will then be in Zion will be the Lord Jesus Christ.
      7. He will be manifested as the supreme Teacher of all the earth,
        Isa. 2:3;
        Zech. 8:22.
    2. There is to be blessing and glory for Israel.
      1. Israel and Judah are to be restored to the land and reunited under their King, Ezk. 37:15-28; 36:34; 28:25-27; Hosea 1:11; Amos 9:1,15; Jer. 31:10.
      2. Jerusalem will be rebuilt unto the Lord, Jer. 31:38-39; 30:17-22; Joel 3:17-21; Zeph. 3:14-20.
      3. The temple will be rebuilt in splendor, Ezk. 40-48.
        Read also Arno C. Gaebelein and James M. Gray on this point. Clarence Larkin's view is very interesting and should be read carefully with his chart plotting the millennial temple of Ezk. 40ff. Also see Great Neglected Bible Prophecies by Merrill F. Unger.
      4. The 12 apostles will be rulers over the reunited 12 tribes, Mt. 19:28; Lk. 22:28-30; Isa. 32:1.
      5. Restored and converted Israel will be the messengers for God to the world, Isa. 61:6-7; Zech. 8:23.
      6. Israel will be the head of the nations of the earth, Dt. 28:13; Isa. 60:12: 14:1-2; Ps. 45:6.
    3. The description of the Millennial Age.
      1. The form of government: theocratic
        Lk. 1:30-33; Dan. 7:13-14; Hosea 3:5; Jer. 30:9; Ezk. 37:24-25; Isa. 24:23.
      2. Seat of government: Jerusalem
        Lk. 21:24; Ezk. 48:1-35.
      3. The temple and its worship
        Ezk. 40-48;Isa. 56:6-8;Jer. 32:15-18.
      4. Character of the Millennium (cp. Section IX, H, p. 170; also pp. 114,166-167)
        1. Satan bound. Rev. 20:1-3.
        2. Changes in the land of Palestine, Dt. 11:13-17; Joel 3:18; Amos 9:13; Isa. 35:1; 55:13; Joel 2:24-25.
        3. Changes in the animal kingdom, Isa.. 11:6-9; Rom. 8:23.
        4. Human life prolonged, Isa. 65:20-22; Zech. 8:4.
        5. Increase of spiritual light, Isa. 30:26; 60:19-20.
        6. Period of righteousness on earth.
          Immediate justice and immediate punishment for sin, Isa. 11:3-5.
        7. Economic prosperity and tranquility, Ps. 72:7; 16.
        8. All know God, Isa. 11:9.
        9. Probably majority throughout millennium will be saved, though some will rebel. (See C, below.)
  2. CLOSING EVENTS OF THE PERIOD (cp. D, pp.166-167)
    1. Loosing of Satan and the last revolt at the end of the Millennium, Rev. 20:3,7,9. This will expose all who have never received a new heart, who have only followed Christ outwardly. The revolt is not to be confused with the prophecy of Ezk. 38-39, which concerns the invasion of the King of the North in the tribulation period, before the Millennium. The only similarity between these two is the phrase "Gog and Magog, " names which cite only the place of the origin of the assault against Israel, both before and at the close of the Millennium. Also, in both cases they attack Jerusalem.
    2. The doom of Satan.
      He is consigned to the Lake of Fire forever. Rev. 20:10; Ezk. 28:11-18; Isa. 14:12-17.


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