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Clarence E. Mason's "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John"



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A New Testament Chronology
(Modified since original publishing)
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. i)
THE BOOKS OF MATTHEW, Mark, Luke, and John
Comparison of the Four Gospels and Introduction
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 2-7a)
Expository Analysis
  I.  The Kingdom Offered 1:1-11:1
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 7b-22a)
  II.  The Kingdom Rejected 11:2-12:45
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 22b-23)
  III. The Kingdom Postponed 12:46-28:20
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 24-35)
Addenda to Matthew
  Addendum I - The Order of Events Compared with Mark, Luke, and John
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 36-38a)
  Addendum II - The So-Called "Lord's Prayer" -- Its Use and Its Abuse
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 38b-42a)
  Addendum III - Matthew 11:28-30 -- Our Lord Turns to the Individuals Within the Nation
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 42b)
  Addendum IV - The Terms - "Kingdom of Heaven," and "Kingdom of God" - Synonymous
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 43-45)
  Addendum V - Who Is The Stone?
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 46-47a)
  The Gospel According to Mark
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 47b-48)
  The Gospel According to Luke
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 49-50)
  The Gospel According to John
(Matthew, PCB 1971: p. 51-52) 


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