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Introduction and Simple Outline

Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible

HABAKKUK: Introduction and Simple Outline

DATE: Another "undated" prophet, but evidently around the early 600's, shortly before Judah was invaded by Babylon, 620-610 BC.

CONTEMPORARIES: Evidently only Jeremiah.

THEME: The book records two conversations of Habakkuk with Jehovah, followed by solemn prayer and praise for God's solution to his problem in chapter 3.


  1. The first conversation is in 1:1-11.

  2. The prophet is perplexed because Jehovah seems indifferent to Judah's sin (1:1-4).

  3. God answers that He is not indifferent but patient, and that He is bringing the Babylonians against Judah! In the second conversation (1:12-2:20)
    the prophet cries out in great perplexity:

  4. How can a holy God use a wicked, pagan people like Babylon to judge His covenant people, Judah (1:12-2:1)?

  5. Jehovah responds that He is aware of Babylon's arrogance and cruelty and will severely judge her (2:2-20).

  6. We learn from this that nations do not have souls and must be judged in this life. Meanwhile, faith patiently waits until God's rule encompasses the earth and all shall worship Him (2:14, 20).

  7. God's answers give him a proper view of Providence (chapter 3) and make it possible for him to praise God even though painful experiences are coming (3:17-19).



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