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Expanded Appendix

Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible

Joel: Expanded appendix

J0EL (Sraceton-Mason)
Joel prophesied probably in the reign of Joash of Judah or earlier.
(See 2 Kings 11:4-12:21 and 2 Chronicles 23-24.)

Mainly to JUDAH

  1. "NOW" Joel's time) 1:1-2:27

    1. The locust plague and the drought 1:1-2:11

      1. The present desolation 1:1-14

        1. Prophet's pathetic appeal 1-4

        2. Drunkards addressed 5-8

        3. People and priests addressed 9-14

      2. 2. Symbolic of coming northern (Assyrian) invasion 1:15-2:11

        1. Drought pictures: Dried-up national resources 1:15-20

        2. Locusts picture: Victorious invading armies 2:1-10

        3. The Lord is bringing this army against His people because He must punish their sin 2:11

    2. Genuine repentance alone can avert coming judgment 2:12-17

    3. Deliverance and restoration promised IF repentance is forthcoming 2:18-27

  2. "AFTERWARD" (The Latter Day) 2:28-3:21

    1. Latter-day blessing 2:28-32

    2. Latter-day conflict and victory 3:1-17

    3. Latter-day restoration 3:18-21



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