The Book Of Esther

J. Deering,

The time:  Approx. 465 B.C.

The Place:  The events of this book cover a ten-year portion of the reign of Xerxes I (486-465).  Ahasuerus is the Hebrew form of this name.  The events occurred between those recorded in the sixth and seventh chapters of Ezra.

Author:  Uncertain

Theme:  God's preservation of the Nation of Israel

There are seven themes and issues that run through the book of Esther:

1.    God's Providential Care (Deliverance)

2.    Apostate Israel and God's Special Love for Her

3.    God's Calling and Grace (for such a moment as this

4.    Satan's plan for the Ages for the Jew

5.    God's Work in Israel Today

6.    Nationalixm VS the Remnant

7.    Zoroasterism (dualism) - Light VS Darkness (in Iranian Persia @ 600 B.C.