The Book Of Ruth
Chapter 4:14-17
"Great Celebration"

Chapter 4:14-17
"Great Celebration"

J. Deering,

RUTH 4:14-17
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Visualized Text and Questions Only
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THE VISUALIZED TEXT (NASB)  (conjunctions & prepositions (and other important words) underlined, words not in original text in italics)  (alternate text in purple)


          the women said

                   unto Naomi,

                             Blessed be the LORD,

                                      which hath not left thee this day without a kinsman,

                             that his name may be famous in Israel.

  1. Who are "the women"?

  2. Who is the beneficiary of this blessing?

  3. Why is the blessing given?

  4. Who is this kinsman?

  5. There are two possible ways to read the meaning of the words that follow "Blessed be the LORD" in this verse. Can you pick them out?

  6. Which way would you think this verse should be read and why?

  7. How did Obed's name become famous in Israel as he was just a child of Ruth and Boaz who lived during the time of the Judges?



          he shall be

                   unto thee

                             a restorer of thy life, and

                             a nourisher of thine old age:

                                      for thy daughter in law,

                                                          which loveth thee,

                                                          which is better to thee than seven sons,

                                                hath borne him.

  1. Who is speaking here?

  2. Again, who is the "redeemer" spoken of here?

  3. Who is now being blessed by them?

  4. How is the baby Obed the restorer of Naomi's life and a nourisher of her old age?

  5. How do they characterize Ruth as Naomi's daughter-in-law?

  6. What phrase complete the blessing?




                   took the child, and

                   laid it in her bosom, and

                   became nurse unto it.


Brief Commentary on Ruth 4:16


How precious are the first moments of birth - not only to the child and the mother, but in this case, for the grand mother as well.

Questions and Answers about Ruth 4:16

  1. What did Naomi do after the baby was born?

  2. Is there anything unusual about her actions?


          the neighbor women

                   gave him a name,

                             saying, "A son has been born to Naomi!"

                             So they named him


                             (He is the father of Jesse, the father of David.)

  1. Who is speaking here"

  2. What did they name the baby?

  3. Who gave Obed his name?

  4. What does "Obed" mean?

  5. According to the neighbor women who will Obed serve?

  6. Why not Ruth?

  7. Who spoke or penned the last sentence?

RUTH 4:14-17
1. Master Study 2. Visualized Text 3. Outline With Text 4. Reference Materials 5. Questions

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