The Book Of Ruth
Chapter Two

Chapter 2 Introduction
J. Deering,

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Chapter one was about walking away from God's good will, being put under His discipline and conviction, and then responding to His call to return to Him. The Chapter has been about Elimelech and Naomi. Ruth has been, pretty much, along for the ride.

We've indicated that the book was probably chosen for the canon because it so parallels the history of the nation of Israel (specifically Judah at this time of the Judges) in the way they forsook the Lord, endured His chastisement and then returned to His fellowship.

The book of Ruth Chapter Two is the first of three chapters that display the amazing grace of the Lord God towards His people as told through the story of Ruth and Boaz.

In the first paragraph (2:1-3) of Ruth chapter two we will meet Boaz for the first time. In the second paragraph (2:4-7) Ruth will see her need and ask Boaz if she can stay and glean in his field. The third paragraph (2:8-14) Ruth will be blessed for her faithfulness to Naomi. In the fourth paragraph (2:15-18) Ruth will be blessed again in the abundance from Boaz's field. And finally in the last paragraph (2:19-23) Ruth finds herself in the safety of Boaz's protection.

From the beginning of Chapter two we will be concentrating on the wonders of redemption. We will see it in the story of Ruth, in the return of the Nation of Israel to her God, and in the individual believer who comes to the Lord in confession as he seeks restoration to fellowship. Throughout the book we will see the words "redemption," "redeem," "redeems," "knowing redemption" and various other forms more than 20 times in the book a major theme in such a small book.

We have already seen Loyalty out of love (Heb: hesed) as Ruth has bonded with Naomi in the first chapter, and we will continue to see this theme as Boaz displays his love for Ruth. It is a major word in the book.

1.  Introduction 2.  Full Outline
3.  Horizontal Chart 4. Text in Paragraph Form

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