The Book Of Ruth
Chapter 2:8-14
"Grace From Boaz"


Chapter 2:8-14
"Grace From Boaz"

J. Deering,


RUTH 2:8-14

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THE VISUALIZED TEXT (NASB)  (conjunctions & prepositions (and other important words) underlined, words not in original text in italics)  (alternate text in purple)



            Boaz said to Ruth,
                                    "Listen carefully,
                                    my daughter.
                                    Do not go to glean in another field;
                                    do not go on from this one,
                                    but stay here with my maids.

  1. Why would Boaz (the master of the field) speak with a foreign woman gleaning in his field?

  2. Why does Boaz call her "my daughter"?

  3. Why does Boaz ask her to stay in his field?



"Let your eyes be on the field which they reap, and

go after them.

            I have commanded the servants

                        not to touch you.
            When you are thirsty,
                        go to the water jars and


                                                from what the servants draw."

  1. Why would Boaz not want her to look for another field to glean?

  2. If Boaz had not warned the servants to not touch her, what would they have done ?

  3. What is the importance of Boaz allowing her to share their water?




            she fell on her face,
                        bowing to the ground and
                        said to him,
                                    "Why have I found favor

                                                in your sight

                                                            you should take notice of me,
                                                                        since I am a foreigner?"

  1. Why does Ruth "fall on her face" before Boaz?

  2. Why is Ruth troubled about Boaz's attention to her?

  3. Ruth is not just a foreigner, she's a Moabitess - What's so important about that?





                        answered and

                        said to her,
                                    "All that you have done for your mother-in-law
                                                after the death of your husband
                                                has been fully reported to me, and
                                                how you left

                                                            your father and

                                                            your mother and

                                                            the land of your birth,

                                                            came to a people

                                                                        you did not previously know.

  1. Go back over Chapter 1 and re-read what Ruth has said and done?

  2. Why is Ruth's dedication to Naomi of such interest to Boaz?

  3. What would be required of Ruth to live amongst the Israelites with Naomi?



"May the LORD

                        your work, and
                        your wages

                                    be full from the LORD,
                                                the God of Israel,
                                                under whose wings

                                                            you have come

                                                                        to seek refuge."

  1. What are the individual parts of Boaz's blessing upon Ruth?

  2. If Ruth was successful in her hard work, wouldn't Boaz suffer the loss of much grain?

  3. What religion would Ruth be as she was from Moab?

  4. What is so important about Ruth seeking refuge from The God of Israel?



            she said,
                        "I have found favor in your sight, my lord,


                                                            have comforted me and

                                                            indeed have spoken kindly to your maidservant,
                                                                        though I am not like one of your maidservants."

  1. Why does Ruth say that she has found comfort in Boaz's words?




            at mealtime

                        Boaz said to her,
                                    "Come here,

                                                            you may

                                                                        eat of the bread and
                                                                        dip your piece of bread in the vinegar."



                        sat beside the reapers; and

                        served her roasted grain, and

                        ate and
                        was satisfied and
                        had some left.


  1. Boaz requests Ruth to sit with his servants, and then he serves them with roasted grain.  What is the writer saying about Boaz, The God of Israel, The Nation of Israel, and Those who Love Him?

RUTH 2:8-14

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