The Book Of Genesis

Outline No. 1
Clarence B. Mason, Jr., Th.M., D.D., Philadelphia College of Bible

  1. Primitive History 1:1-11:9
    1. From the Creation to the Fall 1-3
      1. The creation and God's week of work 1:1-2:3
      2. The garden and man's probation 2:4-25
      3. The serpent and the fall of Eve and Adam 3
    2. From the Fall to the Flood 4:1-8:14
      1. Cain and Abel and their offerings 4:1-16
      2. The genealogies of Cain and Seth 4:17-5:32
      3. The great apostasy and divine judgment 6:1-8:14
    3. From the Flood to Babel 8:15-11:9
      1. The new beginning and the Noahic covenant 8:15-9:29
      2. The family expansions of Noah's sons 10
      3. The conspiracy and confusion at Babel 11:1-9
  2. Patriarchal History 11:10-50:26
    1. The story of Abraham 11:10-12:9
      1. The Awakening of Faith 11:10-12:9
        (From call in Chaldea to arrival in Canaan)
      2. The Disciplining of Faith 12:10-20:18
        (From Canaan to birth of Isaac)
      3. The Maturing of Faith 21:1-25:18)
        (From birth of Isaac to death of Abraham)
    2. The story of Isaac 21-26
      1. The Submissive Son 21-24
        (Isaac from birth to marriage)
      2. The Faithful Husband 25-26
        (His marriage through Beersheba)
      3. The Failing Father 27-36
        (From Beersheba to death)
    3. The story of Jacob 25:19-50:13
      1. The Supplanter 25:19-28:9
        (From birth to flight)
      2. The Servant (20 years) 28:10-31:55
        (From arrival at Haran to flight from Haran)
      3. The Saint 32-45
        From return to Canaan to Journey to Egypt)
      4. The Seer 46:1-50:13
        (From Journey to Egypt to burial in Machpelah
    4. The story of Joseph 30:22-50:26
      1. The Period of his Training 30:22-38:30
        (From birth at Haran to arrival in Egypt)
        "The Son"
      2. The Period of his Testing 39:1-41:13
        (From arrival in Egypt to his promotion to power)
        "The Sufferer"
      3. The Period of his Triumph 41:14-50:26
        (From his promotion to power to the end of life)
        "The Sovereign"


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