The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Book of Revelation Summary

The Book of Revelation - Heading from Zondervan NASB Bible[1]


The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Revealed

(Jesus gives this revelation to John)


Introduction     Rev. 1:1-3, about John and the book

                        (Christ has ALL Authority)




The Seven


                        Rev. 1:4-3:22

                        Intro to message                         Rev. 1:4-8

                        The Patmos Vision                       Rev. 1:9-20


                        THE CHURCH ON EARTH

                        The earthly condition of His church.

                        "What is Now"

                        7 patterns of Church belief


                             The Message to Ephesus           Rev. 2:1-7

                        Losing love


                             The Message to Smyrna            Rev. 2:8-11



                             The Message to Pergamum       Rev. 2:12-17

                        Teaching from the Pit


                             The Message to Thyatira           Rev. 2:18-29



                             The Message to Sardis              Rev 3:1-6

                        Good intentions - no good deeds


                             The Message to Philadelphia     Rev. 3:7-13

                        Keepers of His ministry


                             The Message to Laodicea          Rev. 3:14-22

                        Repentance needed




The Seven          Rev. 4:1-8:1

Seals                   What is Future    


                        The Scene in Heaven                   Rev. 4:1-4


                        The Throne and Worship of the

                        Creator                                      Rev. 4:5-11


                        The Scroll with Seven Seals          Rev. 5:1-10

                        He is able to open the Scroll and

                        the seals


                        The Angels Exalt the Lamb            Rev. 5:11-14

                        He is Exalted




                             The First Seal - The Rider on a

                        White Horse                                Rev. 6:1-2

                        He is Conqueror


                             The Second Seal - War               Rev. 6:3-4

                        He is Most Powerful


                             The Third Seal - Famine             Rev. 6:5-6

                        He Weighs the Scales


                             The Fourth Seal - Death             Rev. 6:7-8

                        He has Authority Over Death


                             The Fifth Seal - The Martyrs        Rev. 6:9-11

                        He Controls All Time


                             The Sixth Seal - Terror               Rev. 6:12-17

                        He Controls the Physical World


                        An Interlude                               Rev. 7:1-3


                        The 144,000 Jews - 12x1200         Rev. 7:4-8


                        A Multitude From The Tribulation    Rev. 7:9-17


                             The Seventh Seal - The Half        Rev. 8:1

                        Hour of Silence

                        Results in....      


The Seven          Rev. 8:2-11:19



                        The Intro to the Trumpets             Rev. 8:2-6

                        Seven Angels and Seven Trumpets

                        Fire from the Altar to the Earth


                             The First Trumpet - Hail, Fire,     Rev. 8:7

                        Blood, 1/3 of Earth


                             The Second Trumpet - Burning    Rev. 8:8-9

                        Mountain into Sea, 1/3 of Sea


                             The Third Trumpet - The Star     Rev. 8:10-11

                        "Wormwood", 1/3 of Fresh Water


                             The Fourth Trumpet - The          Rev. 8:12-13

                        Smoke of The Pit, 1/3 of 2nd Heavens,

                        Woe to all


                             The Fifth Trumpet - Woe #1,      Rev. 9:1-12

                        A Star from Heaven, The

                        Bottomless Pit, Locusts


                             The Sixth Trumpet - Woe #2,     Rev. 9:13-21

                        4 Demonic Angels, 1/3 Mankind

                        dead, rest non-repentant


(parenthesis)      The Angel and the Little Book        Rev. 10:1-11

                        The End of the Delay in Judgment


(Parenthesis)      The Two Witnesses - Witnessing,    Rev. 11:1-14

                        Dying, Being Made Alive


                             The Seventh Trumpet - Christ's   Rev. 11:15-19

                        Reign Foreseen, the 24 Elders


The Seven         Rev. 12:1-14:20




                             The First Mystic Figure              Rev. 12:1-2

                        The   Woman - Israel,

                        the Pain of Labor


                             The Second Mystic Figure          Rev. 12:3-4

                        The Red Dragon - Satan,

                        7 Heads, 10 Horns, 7 Diadems


                             The Third Mystic Figure              Rev. 12:5-6

                        The Male Child - Jesus Christ,

                        Birth, Rule all nations,

                        Caught up to God


                             The Fourth Mystic Figure           Rev. 12:7-17

                        The Angel - Michael,

                        The War in Heaven,

                        Victory of the Lord,

                        Woe to the Earth


                             The Fifth Mystic Figure              Rev. 13:1-10

                        The Blasphemous Beast from

                        the Sea followed by the earth


                             The Sixth Mystic Figure              Rev. 13:11-18

                        The Deceiving Beast from

                        the Earth, the Mark of the

                        Blasphemous Beast


                             The Seventh Mystic Figure          Rev. 14:1-5

                        The Lamb, and the 144,000

                        on Mount Zion, the First fruits

                        to God and the Lamb


                        The Vision of the Angel (1)            Rev. 14:6-8

                        with the Gospel,

                        The Vision of the Angel (2)

                        "Babylon's fall"


                        Doom for the Worshippers of the   Rev. 14:9-13

                        Blasphemous Beast,

                        Angel (3)



                        The 4 Reapers, The Vine of           Rev. 14:14-20

                        the earth - Her grapes are ripe,

                        The Winepress of God's Wrath


The Seven         Rev. 15:1-16:21

Vials                 (More Intense than the 7 Trumpets)

(Bowles of        



                        A Scene of Heaven,                     Rev. 15:1-8

                        The Temple of The Tabernacle

                        of Testimony in Heaven Opened


                        The First Bowl - Sores               Rev. 16:1-2


                        The Second Bowl - Bloody Dead  Rev. 16:3



                        The Third Bowl - Bloody Fresh     Rev. 16:4-7

                        Water, The Righteousness of

                        God's Wrath


                        The Fourth Bowl - Scorching       Rev. 16:8-9

                        Sun, no repentance


                        The Fifth Bowl - Pain upon the    Rev. 16:10-11

                        kingdom of the Blasphemous Beast


                        The Sixth Bowl - Drying up of     Rev. 16:12

                        Euphrates in preparation for



                        ARMAGEDDON - The Gathering    Rev. 16:13-16

                        for the War of Armageddon


                        The Seventh Bowl                         Rev. 16:17-21

                        "It Is Done!"

                        The Plague of 100 lb Hailstones


The Three         Rev. 17:1-22:5

Final Conflicts   Religion, Politics, Commerce




                        The Doom of Babylon the Great     Rev. 17:1-13



                        The Victory Of The Lamb Foreseen Rev. 17:14-18


                        Babylon Is Fallen, Personal           Rev. 18:1-8

                        immorality, Royal immorality,       

                        Commercial immorality burned up


                        Lament for Babylon                     Rev. 18:9-24

                        laid waste in 1 hour




                        The Fourfold Hallelujah "for the     Rev. 19:1-6

                        Lord our God, the Almighty,



                        The Marriage of the Lamb,            Rev. 19:7-10

                        Blessed are those who are invited


                        The Coming of Christ upon a         Rev. 19:11-19

                        White Horse, "King of Kings,

                        Lord of Lords."


                        The Doom of the Blasphemous      Rev. 19:20-21

                        Beast and the False Prophet,

                        Followers into the Lake of Fire




                        Satan Bound for 1,000 Years         Rev. 20:1-6

                        1st Resurrection saints to be

                        Priests of God and Christ


                        Satan Freed, Doomed - The          Rev. 20:7-10

                        Ultimate War, never happens,


                        Satan into Lake of Fire


                        Judgment At The Great White        Rev. 20:11-15

                        Throne Of God (of Works), Those

                        not in the Book of Life - into the

                        lake of fire

                        The Last Earthly Act




                        The New Heaven and The New      Rev. 21:1-9

                        Earth, The Inheritors of God now

                        His Sons.


                        The New Jerusalem - Inhabited by Rev. 21:10-27

                        "Those whose names are written

                        in the Lamb's book of Life"


                        The River of Life and the Tree of   Rev. 22:1-5

                        Life (both sides of main street),

                        reigning forever and ever.


The                   Rev. 22:6-21




                        THESE ARE THE WORDS,              Rev. 22:1-7

                        THEY ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE


                        1, John, am the one who heard     Rev. 22:8-9

                        and saw these things"


                        The Final Message: Blessed are     Rev. 22:10-17

                        those who wash their robes - the

                        right to enter


                        The Final Warning: Blessed if you   Rev. 22:18-21

                        hear these words, cursed if you

                        change them.


[1] Page and segment heading from:

"The Revelation to John," Zondervan NASB Wide Margin Bible, Grand Rapids, Mi