The Book of 3rd John
"Peace be to you"

Bible Study and Commentary
James Deering,

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3 John :14b
Peace be to you.
The friends greet you.
Greet the friends by name.

John closes up his epistle with wishing Gaius peace. In a time of such turmoil as only can be had in a local church where evil has crept in, John encourages Gaius to be in peace.

The closing remarks "The friends greet you," are meant to give Gaius a boost. Yes, Gaius, in times like these, there are fellow believers who are your friends, and are praying for you, and are putting together a plan of action to help you, and are sending powerful resources to you - these are your friends in Christ.

"Greet the friends by name," I take to be a request by John to go to every supportive believer and tell them that Demetrius is here, and John is on the way - donít loose heart, donít doubt, donít fear, have peace.