The Book of 3rd John

"to the beloved Gaius"

Bible Study and Commentary
James Deering,

conjunctions & prepositions underlined, words not in original text in italics)  (alternate text in purple)

3 John :1
The Elder
    to the beloved Gaius,
        whom I love in truth.

3 John :2
    I pray that in all respects you may
        prosper and
        be in good health,
            just as your soul prospers.

John reports that he letter he sent was addressed to Gaius. John makes it very clear that he has deep affections for "the beloved Gaius."

Johnís expression to Gaius should give men pause to consider that love and loving one another is an important part of life for the believer. We should never confuse what the world often calls "love," often tainted or corrupted with and by sin, with the natural affections between men or women who indeed love each other in the Lord Jesus in righteousness.

John tells Gaius that it is his hope that Gaius should "prosper" or be the benefactor of good things in life, and that he may also be found in good health.

Common respectful salutation: subeev (latin) for: "If you are well, that is good, I am well" like RSVP, although used at the head of a letter instead of at the end.