The Book of 1st John
Brief Textual Outline


I. Introduction: The Purpose of the Letter, 1:1-4
II. Conditions for Fellowship, 1:5-2:2

    A. Conformity to a Standard, 1:5-7
    B. Confession of Sin, 1:8-2:2
III. Conduct in Fellowship, 2:3-27
    A. The Character of Our Conduct - Imitation, 2:3-11
    B. The Commandment of Our Conduct - Separation, 2:12-17
    C. The Creed for Our Conduct - Affirmation, 2:18-27
IV. Characterics of Fellowship, 2:28-3:24
    A. In Relation to Our Prospect: Purity, 2:28-3:3
    B. In Relation to Our Position: Righteousness and Bortherly Love, 3:4-18
    C. In Relation to Our Prayers: Answers, 3:19-24
V. Cautions of Fellowship, 4:1-21
    A. Concerning False, Lying Spirits, 4:1-6
    B. Concerning a True, Loving Spirit, 4:7-21
        1. The ground of brotherly love, 4:7-10
        2. The glories of love, 4:11-21
VI. Consequences of Fellowship, 5:1-21
    A. Love for the Brethren, 5:1-3
    B. Victory over the World, 5:4-5
    C. Verification of Christ's Credentials, 5:6-12
    D. Assurance of Eternal Life, 5:13
    E. Guidance in Prayer, 5:14-17
    F. Freedom from Habitual Sin, 5:18-21

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"Ryrie Study Bible, expanded edition," p. 1924, New International Version, Moody Press, Chicago, 1994