The Book of Second Peter
"So, I will always remind you of these things"
  (2 Peter 1:12a)

(Roman and Capital Headings from Ryrie Study bible
Rest of outline based on text: Ed)

2nd Peter Chapter 1:1-11 – A Textual Outline
Addressing Faith, False Teaching, and The Second Advent

I. The Development of Faith, 1:3-21
    A. The Growth of Faith, 1:1-11
        a. Greetings, 1:1-2
            i. Grace
            ii. Peace
            iii. Growth in the Knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord, 1:2
                1. Being granted His divine power, 1:3a
                    a. Pertaining to Life
                    b. Pertaining to Godliness
                2. Through the knowledge of Him, 1:3b
                    a. Who called us
                        i. By His own glory
                        ii. By His own excellence
                    b. By Way of His Power, 1:4a
                        i. He has granted to us Promises
                            1. Precious
                            2. Magnificent
                            3. So That by His Promises, 1:4b
                        ii. You become partakers
                            1. Of the Divine nature
                            2. Having escaped Worldly Corruption
                                a. That is caused by Lust
        b. Now Apply All Diligence in your Faith, 1:5-9
            i. Seven Excellences
                1. Moral Excellence
                2. Knowledge
                3. Self-control
                4. Perseverance
                5. Godliness
                6. Kindness
                7. Love
            ii. Acquiring and increasing these, 1:8
                1. You become Useful in the knowledge of Christ
                2. You become Fruitful in the knowledge of Christ
            iii. Lacking these, 1:9
                1. You become Blind / Short-sighted
                2. You become forgotten, being purified from former sins.
        c. Therefore, brethren, 1:10-11
            i. You, be diligent
                1. Make certain His Calling
                2. Make certain His Choosing
            ii. For Practicing these things – You will never Stumble, 1:10b
            iii. For in this way, the entrance into the eternal Kingdom, 1:11
                1. Of Our Lord, and
                2. Of our Savior
                    a. Jesus Christ
            3. This entrance will be abundantly supplied to you.