The Book of James
"Don't Place Yourself Above Others"
  (Jas. Chapter 4)

J. Deering,

I. Weakness of Judgment (human)  
     1.  It is often circumstantial Joshua 22:10-34, Dispute over an altar
     2.  It is sometimes wrong Genesis 39:10-20, Joseph and Potiphar's wife
     3.  It is often hasty and revengeful 1 Samuel 20-35, Abigale - the misunderstanding in the road
     4.  It is full of conceit Esther 5:11-14, the boasting of Haman
     5.  It is preducial Luke 7:38-50, Jesus and the imoral woman - she anointed Jesus
     6.  It is presumptious Romans 14:4, "Who are you to judge the servant of another."
II.  Rules Regarding Judgement  
     1.  When one's life is "pure" already - then take the "speck" out of the brother's eye Matthew 7:1
     2.  A Christian is not to be censorious Matthew 7:1
     3.  You must have the proper motives  
          a.  According to God's will John 5:30
          b.  Only with righteous judgment John 7:27
          c.  Only with the Love of God John 12:47
          d.  Not without a hearing John 7:51