The Horizontal Chart

J. Deering,

The Book of Hebrews, Chapter 1
"God Spoke of His Son as Superior to the Angels"
God Spoke
Through the Prophets
1:2-3; 5-6
God Spoke
Through His Son
Jesus Christ
1:4; 6-14
Jesus Christ
Superior to Angels
At many times
In many ways
In the past
Unto the Fathers
By the Prophets
In these days
Through His Son
The appointed heir of all things
By whom
All things were made
The Brightness of the Father's Glory
The Express Image of the Fathers Person
The One Who Purges Our Sin
Seated at God's Right Hand
God Said:
"Thou Art My Son"
"I have Begotten Thee"
"I Am Your Father"
"You Are My Son"
So Much Better than the angels
As a Son
Has a More Excellent Name than the Angels
God Said:
"Let The Angels Worship Jesus"

Lover of Righteousness
Hater of Wickedness
Set above His heavenly companions
Layer of the Foundations of the World
Maker of the Heavens
His Years Will Never End
"Sit at My Right Hand"
"Thy Throne, Oh God, is Forever and Ever"
"You Bear the Scepter of My Kingdom"

Angels sent to Minister to "The heirs of Salvation"