The Book of First Thessalonians
"The Last Days, The Rapture, The Day of The Lord"

J. Deering,

Paul a Christian for 17-18 years
Missionary for 7-8 years
time and experience make the difference
written from Corinth

Timothy had returned with news of Thessalonians progress
1.    Thankfulness and encouragement
2.    Defense of Christianity and himself in Jewish attempt at slander
3.    To encourage new converts - persecution and pressure to re-convert to Judaism.
4.    Teaching the future concerning the coming of "The Day of The Lord"

Brief Outline:

First Thessalonians
I.  Personal and Historical, 1:1-3:13
    A.    Paul's Greeting
    B.    Paul's Commendation
    C.    Paul's Concern
II.    Practical and Hortatory, 4:1-5:28
    A.    Teaching Development
    B.    Teaching about the Dead
    C.    Teaching about the Day of The Lord
    D.    Teaching about various Duties