Chapter Two - Introduction
"What You Have"

J. Deering,


Chapter two easily breaks down into two important ideas that Paul wants clear in the minds of his readers - The Believer's calling, and the Results of that calling.

God's Calling:
The first is for believers to understand that without Christ God considers you to be dead. Paul writes to the church and reminds them that before Christ came into your life, through believing faith, you were among the dead. You walked in your sin, you acted under the control of Satan, and you lived according to the desires of your flesh.

The Results of God's Calling:
The second, also for believers, is that once you believed in Christ as your Savior, God made you alive to Himself. Paul states that just as Christ was resurrected so too were you - if you are indeed In-Christ. Because of this resurrected life you have become the recipient of God's kindness and grace.

And now being In-Christ God the Father has taken you from the position of "being far away," to a position of "being brought near." Because you are now "near" to God you have access to Him and you are now a member of God's holy city.

During chapter two we need to keep in mind that Paul is writing to a church, or group of churches, that are primarily Gentile in content. The Gentiles would have not knowledge of the teachings and relationship to God of the "Covenant People," the Jew. Paul will discuss these issues with a view toward the Gentile believer's understanding and appreciation of their new relationship to God through belief in Jesus Christ. Now being in-Christ should lead all believers into a spirit of Unity.

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