Chapter One - The Visualized (MacCorkle) Text

THE VISUALIZED TEXT (Douglas B. MacCorkle [1]) (additional He, Him, His definitions added)

I Paul,
          one of Jesus Christ's apostles,
                   through the direct act of God's will,
          am writing
                   to those set apart people
                             in Ephesus
                   who are believers in Christ Jesus:
grace and peace be
          to all of you

                   God our Father and
                   the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let the

          God and
          Father of our Lord Jesus Christ
                   be highly acclaimed
                     Whose favor

                             endowed us

                                       by the Spirit

                                       with every spiritual asset

                                       in the Heavenlies

                                       in Christ.
He (the Father) did all this
          in keeping with the fact that
          He (the Father) selected us
                   for Himself,
                   in Christ,
                   before the foundation of the world
                     intending us to be in His presence: (the Father's presence)
                             holy and
                             faultless people
                             characterized by Godly love,

having predestined us (by God the Father)
          to be positioned legally
          as His (the Father's) adult sons
          to Himself (the Father)
          through the mediatorial work
                   of Jesus Christ,

          in line with what pleases His will. (the Father's will)

His (the Father's) ultimate purpose is an acclamation of

          His (the Father's) grace's glory

                   which He (the Father) lavished on us

                             in the Beloved One.

We keep on enjoying redemption

          in Him (the Beloved Christ)

          through His blood (Christ's blood)

                   which involves the dismissal of sins

                   that He accomplished (the Father accomplished through Christ's blood)

                             in a manner matching the wealth of His grace. (the Father's grace)

God (the Father)

          caused this grace

                   to be ours

                             in abundance,

                   in terms of every kind of

                             insight and

                             practical understanding.

This was done

          by (the Father) making known

                   to us

                             the open sacred secret

                                       that expresses His will, (the Father's will)

                                       that He (the Father) openly purposed to center in Him (the Son).

He (the Father) did this

          in a manner

          in keeping with what pleases Him (the Father).

He (the Father)

          will head up all things

                   in Christ,

                   in a dispensation appropriate to the fullness of the ages:

                   administering heavenly affairs and earthly affairs

                   even in Him (the Son).

We also,

          having been predestined,

          were made God's portion

                   in Him (in Christ),

                   in keeping with the purpose of the One Who (the Father) executes all things

                   in line with the brilliance of His (the Father's) will.

His (the Father's) ultimate purpose is that

          we should bring acclaim to His (the Father's) glory

          we who hoped in Christ first.

You too hoped in Him (Christ) when

          you heard

                   the word of the truth,

                   the good news about your salvation.


          you also believed

                   in Him (Christ),

          you were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.

He (the promised Holy Spirit)

          is the guarantor of our inheritance.

His (the promised Holy Spirit) indwelling presence

          will lead to the final release of His (the Father's) purchased possession.

                   This will bring acclaim to His glory. (the Father's glory)

On account of this triune blessing, I too,

          having heard of the faith

                   of you all

                   in the Lord Jesus and

                   you godly love

                             toward all the set apart people,

          never cease giving thanks for all of you,

          making mention of you when I pray.

My desire is that

          the God of our Lord Jesus Christ,

          the Father of glory,

                   would give all of you

                             a spirit of

                                       insight and


                             as you gain a clear perception of Him (the Father),

and that by having the eyes of your hearts

          permanently enlightened

                   you might begin to perceive three things:

                             first, what hope there is in His (the Father's) calling;

                             second, what wealth there is in the glory of His (The Father's) portion

                                       among the set apart people;


                             third, what extraordinary mega-power is available

                                       for us believers

                                       relative to the internal operation

                                                of the strength

                                                of His (the Father's) might.

                                       He (the Father) operated this way

                                                in the Messiah:

                                                          first, when He (the Father) raised Him (Christ) from among the dead;

                                                          second, when He (the Father)

                                                                    seated Him (Christ) on His (the Father's) right hand in the heavenlies,

                                                                    high above every kind of




                                                                             lordship, and

                                                                             every title that is named not only

                                                                                       in this age but

                                                                                       in the one to about to come.

                                                          Third, when He (the Father) subordinated every thing

                                                                    under His (Christ's) feet.

                                                          Fourth, when He (the Father) established

                                                                    Him (Christ), and

                                                                    no other,

                                                                             as Head over all things to the Church.

The Church is His (Christ's) Body

          the fullness of the One (Christ)

          Who (Christ) constantly fills these total blessings in all members.

"This simple translation is provided by the author to save the study time of the busy reader and better equip him to prepare his presentation of the "Word of the truth of the good news" Eph 1:13. We have provided a translation of the Koinee Greek text of Ephesians that is, we think, distinguished by its designed slant toward basic exegesis. It intends that a smooth reading style might at times be sacrificed for greater literary accuracy and for the greater prominence of contexts. This makes it a study translation. While Wuest calls his an expanded translation, this is both an expanded and an exegetical or even an expository translation.

If accusations of interpretation arise, it must be said there is no such thing as a non-interpretive translation. We hope all of our alleged biases are clearly stated without apology so that readers may make their own evaluations, under the Holy Spirit and the correlated Word of God without the leverage of questionably intentioned side swipes."

Dr. Douglas B. MacCorkle

[1] The Writings of Douglas B. MacCorkle
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