Chapter 1:3 - Outline
"Blessed by the Father's gift of every spiritual blessing to every believer"


J. Deering,



  1. Address 1:1

    1. From: Paul 1:1a

    2. To: The Believers in Ephesus 1:1b

    3. Grace and Peace, From: God and The Lord Jesus Christ 1:2

  2. The Triune Blessing 1:3-14

    1. Blessed by The Father's Gift of Every Spiritual Blessing to Every Believer 1:3

    2. Blessed by The Father's Choosing of Every Believer In Christ the Beloved  1:4

    3. Blessed  as The Father Predestined Every Believer to  be an Adopted Son.  1:5-6

    4. Blessed by The Son's Redemption for Every Believer 1:7-8a

    5. Blessed by the Revelation of His Will to Every Believer 1:8b-10

    6. Blessed In the Inheritance given to Every Believer 1:11-12

    7. Blessed by The Spirit of God's Sealing of Every Believer 1:13-14

  3. Paul's Prayer List for Every Believer 1:15-19a

    1. Paul's Prayer List, Part 1, Response 1:15-17

      1. Thanks for you Faith 1:15

      2. Mentioning you in Prayer 1:16

      3. Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of The Father 1:17

    2. Paul's Prayer List, Part 2, Enlightenment 1:18-19a

      1. Knowing God's Calling 1:18:a

      2. Knowing God's Inheritance 1:18b

      3. Knowing God's Power toward us who believe 1:19a

  4. The Workings of God's Might In Christ 1:19b-23

    1. God Raised Christ from the dead 1:19b-20a

    2. God Seated Christ 1:20b-21

    3. God Subjected all things to Christ 1:22a

    4. God Made Christ Head over all things to the Church 1:22b-23


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