The Book of First Corinthians
"Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit"
  (1 Corinthians 6:19)

J. Deering,

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1.  Book of 1 Corinthians Outline


First Corinthians
Temporary Brief Outline

I.  Introduction, 1:1-9
II.  Divisions in the Church, 1:10-4:21
III.  Moral Disorders in the Church, 5:1-6:20
IV.  Discussion Concerning Marriage, 7:1-40
V.  Discussion Concerning Food Offered to Idols, 8:1-11:1
VI.  Discussion Concerning Public Worship, 11:2-14:40
VII.  Doctrine of the Resurrection, 15:1-58
VIII.  Practical and Personal Matters, 16:1-24