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Clarence E. Mason's "ROMANS"

Personal and Personnel  15:8-16:27

Dr. Clarence E. Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia College of Bible

CONCLUSION: Personal and Personnel 15:8‑16:27

  1. Conclusion of epistle proper: Paul vindicates his boldness in writing as he has, 15:8‑33
    1. Our Lord's ministry to the Jews had in view blessing to the Gentiles as well, 15:8‑13
    2. Paul's ministry to the Gentiles has in view blessing to the Jews as well, 15:14‑33
      1. His confidence of their spiritual progress (14)
        Stated lest his writing in this manner be misconstrued,
      2. His zeal and concern for them grew out of his position as Apostle to the Gentiles (15‑24)
        1. He has been hindered thus far from coming to them by his zeal in preaching the gospel elsewhere (15‑22)
          1. The source of his ministry:
            Commissioned by God (15‑17)
          2. The credentials of his ministry: Signs and wonders (18‑19a)
          3. The scope of his ministry:
            "Jerusalem … to Illyricum (Albania)
            …fully preached" (19b)
          4. The program of his ministry:
            To preach where Christ is not named (20‑22)
        2. He now plans to stop at Rome on his way to Spain (23‑24)
      3. However, there is immediate need for a visit to Jerusalem (25‑27
        1. The occasion.
          The gift for poor saints at Jerusalem (25‑26)
        2. b. The fitness of Gentile believers assisting Jewish believers in their dire need (27)



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