Chapter 5, The Study
Justification by Faith Evidenced in Old Testament

J. Deering,


Romans 5

Results of Justification by Faith in Christ Jesus


1 (A) Therefore,

having been justified

by faith,

(B) we have peace with God


our Lord Jesus Christ,


Therefore, building on Ch 4 – Abraham’s Faith, Justification is credited, imputed, reckoned, to: Those who believe in HIM WHO RAISED JESUS OUR LORD FROM THE DEAD. The definition of the God who is able to impute righteousness (righteously) is the One who raised Jesus from the dead. The Jesus of the Scriptures who was delivered over BECAUSE of our transgressions. This Jesus – was raised because His Father was RIGHTEOUS in JUSTIFYING the believing sinner.

There is a great value placed upon the work that Jesus Christ accomplished on the Cross. His suffering and death were working not just on a temporal plane, but more importantly,  on an eternal plane. This Jesus was not just an individual man dying for his own sins, but instead, almighty God, "in the flesh" suffering and dying for eternal purposes. If Jesus had been but a mortal man there would have been no value in his death beyond himself. But as God - He died a death that would remove the penalty of death for all who would believe.

For much of my adult working life I belonged to a union. Every three years our working contract had to be renegotiated. At the negotiation table various items of value were "placed on the table," discussed, and either incorporated into the new contract, or removed from the old contract, in attempts to find a compromise that was acceptable around that table. Things like health care, insurance, length of shift and other work related ideas would make up the "items" placed onto the table. There were also items that were not to be discussed - those items that the company or the union would not negotiate. The picture I would want you to see it the one where God the Father places the sin (and sins) of mankind on the negotiation table at the Cross. Upon the death of Christ, there on that Cross, Jesus pays the price for sin (and sins), and, like at the negotiation table, removes the item labeled "SIN" from the table. The expression would be "The issue of Sin is now OFF THE TABLE."

John 3:16 is the perfect expression of this idea.

"For God loved the WORLD in such a way that He gave His only begotten, unique, one of a kind Son, that WHOEVER BELIEVES in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (my translation).

When it comes to the issue of sin - it is now "OFF THE TABLE" in the discussion concerning salvation. Jesus paid the price at the Cross, all sin has been paid for - Past, Present, Future. "Jesus paid it all!" When the individual comes before The Lord, convicted of his need of salvation, seeking the salvation that is offered through His Son, Jesus Christ, Sin is off the table. It is a non-negotiable, it has been removed from any discussion. Sin is not an issue when coming to the Lord for His gracious offer of salvation. How could salvation be by grace if it were not freely given. The issue at the table is belief. Do you believe? Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ of God? Do you believe that Jesus was able to, and did, pay the penalty efficiently and effectively on your behalf, settling the issue of salvation forever? If you believe that... you are SAVED!

Therefore having been justified by faith, through our Lord Jesus Christ, – With this verse Paul, now speaks to the believer and begins to list the BENEFITS (results) of this righteous justification that is only found as the result of FAITH in the defined God of the Bible. I say it this way so that we have some flexibility when it comes to understanding the work of God's grace in salvation throughout the ages. It should be obvious that the amount and content of information individuals had over the ages has been not always the same. However, the basis of their salvation has always been the same - through the Grace of God, based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary. It doesn't matter whether you were Adam at the very beginning, or the last human to believe before the great throne judgments just before eternity - all are saved on the basis of Jesus Christ and His work at the Cross. And all given freely by GRACE, never a thought of cost to the believer, only the cost to Gods Son.

Paul has introduced this paragraph by defining those to whom it applies. It applies to those who have been "justified by faith," believers. Therefore the items that follow are only available to those who are “BY FAITH” made righteous. These things are NOT available to those who have not been made righteous "by faith."

We have peace with God – Remarkable! “at peace with God,” how Remarkable! – There is NO FURTHER DEMAND God makes upon us, for the PAST, for NOW, or for the FUTURE. Remembering that "sin is off the table" for those who believe. Sin no longer has any ramification upon our salvation (sin in the believer's life has many other consequences, including possible early death, but it has no effect upon our eternal standing before God).

Christ Himself is our peace – the cessation of all hostilities caused by sin and sins. Christ averted the wrath of God from being upon those who believe. We have peace with God even when we don’t feel like we have the peace of God (peace of mind). Our place before God is one of peace, whether we "feel" at piece or not has no bearing on the facts. What Christ has done at the cross has put us in a position of PEACE WITH GOD.

We are also at peace with HIM ETERNALLY. “Safe and Secure from ALL Alarms.” FOREVER SECURE – “It’s not about me, it’s about HIM”]

[Side note concerning the Eternal Security of the Believer]

The doctrine of the eternal security of the believer is based upon the workings of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and not based upon any work or workings of man. Those who would deny that God is able to keep the believer safe and secure in their salvation doubt the very nature of God, and the very word of God. They often pull scriptures out of their proper context in order to make their point. However, removing eternal security from the matter of salvation then makes salvation dependent upon the works of man - and that is not the salvation offered through the work of Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary - that is some other, non-biblical doctrine.

Here is a brief summary of the verses often used by those who would have man the author of salvation's security. *1

1 - Passages dispensationally misapplied: Ezekiel 33:7-8; Matthew 18:23-35; 24:13
2 - Passages related to false teachers of the last days: 1 Timothy 4:1-3; 2 Peter 2:1-22; Jude 1:17-19
3 - Passages related to no more than moral reformation: Luke 11:24-26, for example
4 - Passages related to profession which is proved to be such by its fruits: John 8:31; 15:6; 1 Corinthians 15:1-2; Hebrews 3:6, 14; James 2:14-26; 2 Peter 1:10; 1 John 3:10
5 - Passages containing admonition of various kinds: Matthew 25:1-13; Hebrews 6:4-9; 10:26-31
6 - Passages related to the loss of rewards, walking in the dark, and chastisement: John 15:2; 1 Corinthians 3:15; 9:27; 11:27-32; Colossians 1:21-23; 1 John 1:5-9; 5:16
7 - Passages related to falling from grace: Galatians 5:4, for instance.

The positive doctrine of security is based upon twelve undertakings of God for His people, four of which are related to the Father, four to the Son, and f our to the Spirit.

(a) the sovereign purpose or covenant of God, which is unconditional (cf. John 3:16; 5:24; 6:37),
(b) the infinite power of God set free to save and keep (cf. John 10:29; Rom. 4:21; 8:31, 38-39; 14:4; Eph. 1:19-21; 3:20; Phil. 3:21; 2 Tim. 1:12; Heb. 7:25; Jude 1:24),
(c) the infinite love of God (cf. Rom. 5:7-10; Eph. 1:4), and (d) the influence on the Father of the prayer of the Son of God (cf. John 17:9-12, 15, 20).

(a) His substitutionary death (cf. Rom. 8:1; 1 John 2:2),
(b) His resurrection, securing a resurrection unto life for believers (John 3:16; 10:28; Eph. 2:6),
(c) His advocacy in heaven (cf. Rom. 8:34; Heb. 9:24; 1 John 2:1-2),
(d) His shepherdhood and intercession (cf. John 17:1-26; Rom. 8:34; Heb. 7:23-25).

(a) regeneration (partaking of the divine nature is entrance into that which cannot be removed; cf. John 1:13; 3:3-6; Titus 3:4-6; 1 Pet. 1:23; 2 Pet. 1:4; 1 John 3:9),
(b) indwelling (He is given to abide forever and certainly by His presence the believer will be preserved; cf. John 7:37-39; Rom. 5:5; 8:9; 1 Cor. 2:12; 6:19; 1 John 2:27),
(c) baptism (by which the believer is joined to Christ so as to share eternally in the New Creation glory and blessing; cf. 1 Cor. 6:17; 12:13; Gal. 3:27), and
(d) sealing (Eph. 1:13-14; 4:30).

Anyone of the twelve undertakings is sufficient to guarantee eternal security to the believer. There is no true distinction indeed between salvation and safekeeping, for God offers no salvation at the present time which is not eternal. When rightly understood, the effect of this doctrine of security will be such as to promote a holy life (cf. 1 John 2:1).

*1 (Chafer, Lewis Sperry, D. D., Litt.D., Th. D., President and professor of Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Seminary Press, Dallas, TX, 1973 printing, p. 285-286)

2through whom (Jesus Christ) also

we have (C) obtained

our introduction

by faith

into this grace

Paul continues his less of blessings we have acquired through Christ's death and resurrection.

We have obtained our introduction, just like going to a presidential banquet or ball we are brought before the crowd and "introduced." "All those stand here, let me introduce you to our newest believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, Mr. or Miss .... – Believers, entering into the Courts of Our God, gain ACCESS – “Our introduction” to The God and Father of Jesus Christ, and to His GRACE on the basis of our FAITH. His GRACE is a direct result of his PROPITIOUS NATURE, He is seeking US to be GRACIOUS to US. The entire plan of God for mankind revolves around His propitious nature. Everything He has done is a result of His desire for those who would BELIEVE UPON HIM (not in Him) those who would have FAITH IN HIM (not about Him).

Also through Christ we have obtained our introduction, our first taste, our first moments of belonging. How wonderful to know that this matter of salvation in Christ Jesus is a continuing event. Every day should be only the beginning of a new adventure in life and faith. So much more to know, so much more to do, so much more to be thankful for... Just our "introduction" into these things.

Paul returns to the central idea to be remembered about all these things, it is BY FAITH (belief) – No other method of approach to God has any positive result. God has defined the terms – you can't buy your way to salvation, you can't work your way to salvation, it's not who you know, it's not because you belong to the right group, it is BY FAITH, there is no other approach.

Below is one of my favorite diagrams, “The Prepositional Sphere of Relationships.”

The last phrase in this verse says that we have obtained our introduction by faith INTO this grace. I like visualizing language, especially when it comes to prepositions. This particular chart is about Greek prepositions, but my interest here is in the understanding of "positions" in relationship to things, places, or other positions.

A very long time ago I had a little yellow car. I want you to imagine that you too have a little yellow car. As we stand BEFORE our little car you can see that it is NEXT TO you. When you wash it you may be on a ladder and your are ABOVE it (and it is BELOW you). You can be IN FRONT OF it, BEHIND it, UNDER it, etc. Now, being beside it again, open the door and get INTO it. Sit down on its seats and hold ONTO the wheel, close the door. Now you are truly IN it.

Now, consider being IN your little yellow car. There are all kinds of knobs and controls, mats, visors, radio, heater, wipers, all kinds of features that you may not have considered while you were OUTSIDE it. Then there are the various LAWS that are in effect when you are IN the care that may not apply when you are OUTSIDE the car. There are state safety and operation laws, there are federal safety laws, and there are the specific laws of gravity that effect how you drive. Being IN the care has become a complicated affair.

So is being IN CHRIST. You become the partaker of all kinds of new relationships, new demands, and new responsibilities, when you step into the "sphere" of Jesus Christ.




Our verse tells us that believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ BY FAITH and that it is THROUGH Him that you have been introduced into the "Sphere" of His GRACE. Many have tried to define God's grace and use various acrostics to remember those definitions, however the key to understanding God's Grace is to remember that it is a GIFT and that it has NO STRINGS attached to it. If there were strings (I've got to feel sorry for my sin, I have to work hard to qualify, I have to have a special spiritual gift, etc., etc.) then it would not be a FREE GIFT. The price has been paid, the gift is offered FREE and FREELY. All you have to do is believe. If that doesn't seem right to you - then you haven't been listening to what Paul has been saying. God counted Abraham RIGHTEOUS because He BELIEVED God. That principle has been the same since Adam and always will be the same. Salvation is by FAITH. "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved" (Acts 16:31).

into this grace

(D) in which we stand; and

we exult in hope of

the glory of God.

There are two POSITIONS we can find ourselves in at the same time before God.

First, there is our STATE – the condition we find ourselves in apart from the grace of God – fallen, sinful, sinners, without hope – for eternity. Without this grace we would be shut-out of any hope of ever being in the presence of God.

Then there is our STANDING – The term STANDING presents us with a new truth about God relationships with those who believe. The condition we find ourselves in ON ACCOUNT OF the grace of God – PROCLAIMED, RECKONED, CREDITED AS, Righteous, Justified, Saved, Heirs of God, etc. It is in our STANDING that we realize (it becomes a reality) the Grace of God. As long as we are upon the earth we will have to deal with our STATE (old man VS new man) but our STANDING is ETERNAL!

Into this grace in which we stand; - Paul makes it specific – the grace we are talking about is THE GRACE OF GOD (as He is defined, and He defines His grace) and it is THIS GRACE that we find ourselves STANDING IN as those who have FAITH in Him, believing upon Him.

And we exult in hope of the Glory of God – This is an eternal truth. Right now many who believe do not exult in hope – but our time on earth is less than a “wink” compared with all of eternity. Our exultation of Him and the Hope of His Glory will continue forever. If only we could “comprehend … what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height” of His glory, we would truly exult in hope everyday and all the time.

3 (E) And

not only this, but we also

(F) exult in our tribulations,


that tribulation brings about

(G) perseverance;

4and (H) perseverance,

(I) proven character;

and proven character,


5and hope (J) does not disappoint,


the love of God has been (K) poured out

within our hearts

through the Holy Spirit

who was given to us.

Romans 5:3-5 give us more information about another eternal truth. It is hard, even sometimes impossible, to see past some of the tribulation that comes into our lives – but that does not change the fact of His Grace upon us. Rightly understood the tribulations that come our way result in our CHRIST-LIKENESS. When properly understood and effective in our lives tribulation produces an outpouring of God’s LOVE through the indwelling Holy Spirit in us. He is in-us and the pouring out of God’s Love into us directly. What a blessing to be aware of God’s love for us in the time of tragedy, loss and tribulation! And if it is not, the problem is not with God but with us and our HOPE upon Him. So many call out to God asking, "Why God?" when they should be totally aware of His mercies, blessings, and grace in every situation that life has to offer. It is not God's purpose to make earthly life wonderful for us. It is instead to establish an eternal relationship with Himself, His Spirit and His Son. Our every experience should be part of the promise that God the Father has made to we who believe - we will be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. That image is not complete without conforming to the suffering and pain that bought our salvation in the first place.

6 For


we were still (L) helpless,

(M) at the right time

(N) Christ died

for the ungodly.

The Master’s Plan – AT THE RIGHT TIME. There are no surprises to God. His Son was born at the right time, His Son was delivered over at the right time, His Son was crucified at the right time, His Son was resurrected at the right time, His Son was ascended at the right time, His Son now sits at God the Father’s right hand – as planned from the very beginning! The plan of God continues with every little piece “At The Right Time.”

But, that’s not the thrust of this verse – the thrust is that CHRIST DIED FOR THE UNGODLY – He died “for the Whole World!” The plan was that Christ’s death on the Cross would cover all the forgiveness ever needed for any hostility between man and God (any! or with anybody!). AND WHO did He die for? He died for all those who were UNGODLY (not like Him, alien, stranger, sinner, agnostic, atheist, pagan, hater of God, EVERYONE EVERYWHERE), how very remarkable!

7 For

one will hardly die for a righteous man;

(though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die.)

8 But


(O) demonstrates (P) His own love toward us,

in that while we were yet sinners,

(Q) Christ died for us.

We all know stories of those heroes who have stepped into the lives of others and helped them, even given their lives in the process - but they are few. They act on impulse largely and that does not degrade their acts of heroism. But there are very few who take time aside and rationally determine that they will intentionally take steps to put themselves in harms way in order to die in the place of another, let alone die for one who is absolutely guilty of all the charges. But, that's what Christ has done. He did it. It was part of the plan from the beginning. He would give over His own life - for those who where completely guilty, already condemned, and without hope. He would go to the Cross and deliver over His own life as the ransom payment for each and every absolutely guilty person to ever be on earth - and give them absolute freedom from their payment - if only they would believe that He was the one who did it for them.

Christ died, by the LOVE of our PROPITIOUS GOD, while EVERYONE was in the condition of being ENEMIES of God.

9 Much more then,

having now been justified

(R) by His blood,

we shall be saved

(S) from the wrath of God

through Him.

What is the measure of salvation. A cupfull - certainly not, more... A bucketfull - certainly not, more... a truckfull - certainly not, much more. How much more, - MUCH MORE!

"MUCH MORE" – One of the greatest expressions in the Bible. Much more, over and above, “good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over.” (Luke 6:28), but even still – MUCH MORE! No matter how much you can imagine... MUCH MORE!

And still, as we spoke of earlier, some think that they cannot be eternally secure while in the hands of Jesus Christ. They just don't understand... MUCH MORE, that's by how much He has saved you! Even if you continue in sin - MUCH MORE, that's how much He loved, gave, suffered, died, justified, MUCH MORE! You can't name an amount that has not been already paid, in advance, for.

10 For if while

we were (T) enemies

we were reconciled to God

through the death of His Son,

If we were reconciled while we were enemies… through His DEATH...

That's what He did, that's what He died for - the reconciliation of HIS ENEMIES! THEN...

much more,

having been reconciled,

we shall be saved

(U) by His life.

THEN (Now as reconciled heirs) how VERY MUCH MORE we shall be SAVED by His LIFE – resurrected to life, is living now. The believer is kept in the hand of God through the continuing power of Jesus Christ's life - not 2000 years ago, but His LIFE NOW. He is seated at the right hand of God the Father - right now. His life is empowering those who believe - right now.

"What", you say, "I don't feel empowered." Then "Why Not?" The problem is not with God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the problem must be with you. Have you not appropriated that power, have you not made daily, moment-to-moment dependence upon Him your TOP PRIORITY. Have you not completely yielded your own selfish ways to His Holy Spirit and allowed Him to have your life completely without reservation? That's why you don't have power, that's why you are defeated in everyday life. It takes work!

In my everyday life I'm a broadcast engineer. In order to be a good engineer I need to study, read all kinds of engineering magazines, bulleting, and updates to equipment and practices. If I were to "slack-off" I would fall behind in technology and fall behind in my skills. My value as an employee would fall-off rapidly as well. If I lost my job because I did not work hard at staying current or even excelling at my craft what would I do? Lose my home and possessions? Probably. What about my spiritual life? What would happen if I did not study my Bible, did not work hard in staying current in prayer, did not do everything I could to keep my marriage holy and un-blemished, or did not fellowship with the people of God? I would fall behind. I would be unempowered. I would loose my excitement and expectations of glory for my life. Is that where you are now? You must work on your spirituality (after salvation) in order to excel at those things that will make your life like Christ. He provides the power and tools, but it is up to you to use them. How else can you "Grow in Christ?"

11 (V)And not only this, but

we also exult in God

through our Lord Jesus Christ,

through whom

we have now received (W) the reconciliation.

Paul ends this line of thought with the reminder that we should EXULT IN GOD! What He has done ought to move us to a continuous plane of thankfulness toward Him. We should be constantly speaking His praises, singing His songs, and uplifting His name. We need to enter into the Eternal exultation of the God who has done this (see psalm 22).

The definition is made clear again, reconciliation between God and man has only been accomplished by His Son, Jesus Christ, and as a result we now are the RECEIVERS of the RESULTS of reconciliation.

12 Therefore,

just as

through (X) one man

sin entered into the world, and

(Y) death through sin, and

(Z) so death spread to all men,


all sinned--


until the Law

sin was in the world,


(AA) sin is not imputed when there is no law.


14 Nevertheless

death reigned from Adam until Moses,

even over those who had not sinned

(AB) in the likeness of the offense of Adam,

who is a [a] (AC) type of Him who was to come.

In the time period of ADAM THROUGH MOSES – there was no LAW (revelation to man of the Character of God revealed in detail) like there was that was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Isaac there was no "family" of Abraham, therefore no "Jews" (a name given to Abraham's descends much later on). The "Law" spoken of in the Bible is made up of those commands God gave to Moses plus those rules given by God in His relationship to the nation of Israel. Later, Israel would also make laws based upon Rabbinical studies that would also become classified as part of "the law."

But before then, there was no recorded revealed code of law. Even before Adam there was God's creation and in that creation there were Angels. During their time is it apparent that sin was active. God's greatest creation was His angel Lucifer and sin entered into him causing his fall and the fall of many other angels who chose to follow him. So when Man come along, created by God, already sin is in the world.

Paul makes the point that in those years from Adam to Moses there was no revealed and recorded "law." Therefore transgressions against God could not be classified as "sin." That's just saying that because there was no recorded definition that all could look to and follow and there was no "offence" defined or written down. However, each offense to God was real and "sin" was in the world regardless of the lack of an official "law" against it.

Paul goes on to remind us that since it was "sin" to God, the one who was offended by our actions, the penalty for such offenses was still applied. "Death reigned from Adam to Moses," meaning that the results of sin still accomplished death without a code of law written down.

We must remember that during that period of time God interacted directly with individuals and with His people. God walked in the garden, God moved the early prophets, God directly fellowshipped with the Nation of Israel - before Sinai. There was no excuse for not knowing Him and knowing His character and His desires for righteous living. They did not need the "law" to guide them, they had Him.

Adam (and Eve) did what we all would have done. It is in our character and nature to be in the image and likeness of God and therefore always be acting as if we were gods. The responsibility given to man was to be "like" God and recognize that we were not God but part of His Holy creation. As in the angelic creation sin entered in, Adam and Eve sinned, and Adam was put into the place of being the "representative" human, for we all would have done the very same thing. So it is that Paul states that death reigned from Adam to Moses... in the likeness of the offense of Adam.

Then he closes out these verses with the fact that Adam was a "type" or "image" of Christ. In the world of printing there are three essential elements. The paper to be printed upon, the Anti-Type, which was in the past a metal reverse image of words and/or letters, and ink. The ink is applied to the Anti-type, the Anti-type is applied with pressure to the paper, and voila, type appears on the paper in the image of the Anti-type. The "type" is a picture of something similar that it reflects. Paul says that Adam is a character who is similar to and reflects Christ. Now perhaps you can see the truth in the statement, "In Adam all shall die" (the type) but "in Christ all shall live" (the Anti-type).

15 But

the free gift

is not like the transgression.

This is a key fact to which we will have to pay special attention. The previous verse explains that Adam was a Type of Christ, but in what manner is Adam a type of Christ. The character of what makes Adam a type of Christ is not that Adam sinned - and therefore Christ would sin also, it is that ONE thing would happen to a man that would be representative of all men. So Paul says "but the free gift is not like the transgression" The difference between the two is that with Adam it was sin that made him head over all others in that respect, and with Jesus Christ it is the free gift of RECONCILIATION (v. 11) that would make HIM head over all those who would believe.


if (since) by the transgression of (AD) the one (AE) the many died,

This part of the verse is better understood if we look to the Greek meaning of the "conditional" statement here, "if." In English we all expect that when we see the word "if" we think that we are seeking a choice. If this, then this, this, or this. But in the Greek language conditional words are determined by context and don't require a meaning that is imposed upon it like English does. Therefore, since the statement is drawing the conclusion the previous verses said that through Adam's sin all died, then the meaning of the conditional would have to be in agreement. So we would translate the conditional, "since," because "by the transgression of the one the many died."

Adam is held responsible as the "head of the race" for his actions. Even though Eve was deceived, she still sinned, but Adam (being the First of Creation) was held accountable for the first sin of mankind. The transgression of ADAM as head of the race (not Eve) resulted in both the proclaimed spiritual death and the actual physical death of “the many” – all.

Adam and Eve had sinned in the garden of Eden and they were removed from it before they had taken of the tree of Life. How marvelous of God to remove mankind from eternal life at that time. How wicked our world would be if, as condemned sinners, we attained unto eternal life - eternal sinners, never to be forgiven - as the fallen angels.

So through the willfulness of Adam all were condemned to die.

much more


the grace of God and

the gift

by (AF) the grace of the one Man,

Jesus Christ,

abound to the many.


But in the "much more" of God's abundant goodness and through the "one man" Jesus Christ, His Son, grace abounded to all.

16 The gift is not like that which came through the one who sinned;


on the one hand

(AG) the judgment arose from one transgression

resulting in condemnation,


on the other hand

the free gift arose from many transgressions

resulting in justification.


The free Gift of Jesus Christ is not like the transgression of Adam.

On The One Hand…
The transgression of Adam brought forth judgment, the result of judgment was condemnation and death.

On the Other Hand…

The Gift of Righteousness arose from not just the sin of Adam, but the sins of the whole world (the many), and the result would be that the Gift of Righteousness was Justification to “the many” who would be found to be In-Christ.

17 For if (since)

by the transgression of the one,

death reigned

(AH) through the one,

A restatement of facts already revealed above.

much more

those who receive the abundance

of grace and

of the gift of righteousness

will (AI) reign in life

through the One, Jesus Christ.

Salvation, Justification, Proclaimed Righteousness – all based upon the individual's RECEPTION (Faith, Belief). The end result of which is that the believer should REIGN (like a King) over your life. But only THROUGH THE ONE, JESUS CHRIST. The promise does not state that you have become free to reign over life. Oh, how that is what we have wanted to do from the start. Mankind, made in the image and likeness of God, ruling and reigning in life over others. NO, it is only THROUGH Christ that any reigning is done, and only through Him reigning in us to accomplish the will of the Father, never our own.

18So then

as through (AJ) one transgression

there resulted condemnation to all men,

even so

through one (AK) act of righteousness

there resulted (AL) justification of life to all men.

Just as one transgression condemned all the righteousness of one resulted in the justification of all (in Christ – context of surrounding verses points to righteousness and justification only available to those who have received (by faith – believing) in Jesus Christ).

19For as

through the one man's disobedience

(AM) the many (AN) were made sinners,

even so

through (AO) the obedience of the One

(AP) the many will be made righteous.


20 (AQ) The Law came in so that the transgression would increase;


where sin increased,

(AR) grace abounded all the more,

Remember back in verses 13-14 ... When the Law was introduced, things that were not codified as being unlawful received no condemnation. Then when the Law was proclaimed and codified that which was "overlooked" even though sin NOW became condemned. Suddenly all those offenses committed before the "law" became sin, thus sin increased.

However, the plan of God was to cover the sin and sins of mankind so that no matter how much or how ungodly, sin and sins would be covered by the Life, Death, and Resurrection of God’s Son. So as the quantity of sin increased so did the knowledge of the remedy increase - it, in fact, abounded. The more sin there was in the world the more grace God had planned to provide to cover it.

With the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ the plan was complete and the previously "covered" sin became "paid in full." No longer just covered by the grace of God, but every demand of our Holy and Righteous God was satisfied by the work of Jesus on the Cross. So much so that the issue of sin will never be the issue that you are judged upon for salvation. With the work of the Cross "sin is off the table."

When people get together to agree on terms of a contract between them the issues of the contract are placed "on the table" and inspected. When an issue comes up, for example Healthcare as part of an employment contract, that issue it placed "on the table" and open for discussion. Both sides seek compromise on the issues and costs and when agreement is reached on that issue it is then taken "off the table." In the discussion of the contract between you and God, because of the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, the issue of sin is "off the table." It has been dealt with. The real issue still on the table for every person is, "belief upon the Son of God." In your (possibly life-long) discussion with God about your salvation the only issue left "on the table" is the issue of whether or not you believe the claims and promises of Jesus Christ and that they apply to you. If the answer is "yes" then God places you into His Holy family by way of adoption. If you answer "no" then He does not. If in you lifetime, however long that may be, you never come to that place where you agree with God that His Son died for you, that your sins have been dealt with at the cross, that He, Jesus Christ Himself is God... then you shall never see the Kingdom of God, never be a part of God's Holy family, never enter His Heaven, and be destined to an eternal life of suffering and pain in that place known as Hell.

Stop trying to live the "good life," trying to show God how qualified you are to become His child. For in the matter if salvation all He wants is for you to recognize His Son as the savior.

21 so that,

as (AS) sin reigned in death,

even so

(AT) grace would reign

through righteousness

to eternal life

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

SO THAT – in the same manner that Sin brought about death the Grace of God brought about the quality of Eternal Life, but only to those who this was accomplished THROUGH Jesus Christ our Lord.

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