Understanding The Bible
Clarence E. Mason's "Acts of the Apostles"


  ACTS of the Apostles
  Introduction and Summary Outline
  Expository Analysis
  Pertinent Comments

1.  Was Joel's Prophecy said by Peter to be fulfilled?
2.  Peter's Tacit Offer of the Kingdom
3.  The Right of Private Property - Christianity or Communism?
4.  Was the Church Revealed only to Paul, or also to Peter and others?
5.  The Mystery (Sacred Secret)
6.  The Herodian Family - I
7.  Precise Accuracy of Luke as a Historian
8.  Philosophers at Athens
9.  Seven External Factors favoring Paul and the Spread of His Message
10.  Six Elements of Paul's Missionary Strategy
11.  How many Missionary Journeys were there?
12.  Map of Paul's Missionary Journeys
13.  Key Events of Paul's Missionary Journeys
14.  Which Day should Christians particularly keep as a Worship Day?
15.  The Herodian Family - II


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