The Acts of the Apostles
"And everyday everywhere they kept on teaching and preaching Jesus as The Christ" (Acts 5:42)

J. Deering,

Introductory Outline 1

I.    Introduction: the Apostolic Commission Given, 1:1-11

II.    The Gospel in Jerusalem: Origins, 1:12-8:3
    1.    The ministry of Peter, 1:12-5:42
    2.    The ministry of Stephen, 6:1-8:3

III.    The gospel in Samaria and Judea: Transition, 8:4-11:18
    1.    The ministry of Philip, 8:4-40
    2.    The ministry of Saul begun, 9:32-11:18

IV.    The gospel in the Uttermost Parts: Expansion, 11:19-21:14
    1.    The ministry of Baranbas, 11:19-12:25
    2.    The ministry of Paul the apostle, 13:1-21:14

1 Dunnett, Walter, "An Outline of New Testament Survey," Christian Handbooks, Moody Press, Chicago, 1972