The Gospel of John
John Chapter 9


J. Deering,


John Chapter 9, Introduction

Chapter 9 is an interruption in the middle of the 5 discourses of Jesus that take place between Chapters 8:12-10:42.


This incident takes place at the time of the Festival of Dedication, sometimes called the Festival of Lights. Jesus is using this timing to make clear His statement "I AM the Light of the world." He takes this opportunity to use this man, who was blind from birth, to demonstrate His Glory and Power, by giving sight to him. The chapter is full of questions and answers that need to be scrutinized carefully for each of them holds important spiritual information. Jesus continues to speak using language that requires spiritual searching to understand. He is winnowing the chaff from the grain, those who continue to refuse to believe from those who chose to believe.


The chapter is broken down into:

1.  An introduction to the setting and the Healing of the Man born blind, 9:1-12

2.  The Controversy over the Man - Part 1, the first interview, 9:13-15

3.  The Controversy over the Man - Part 2, the interview of the Parents, 9:18-23

4.  The Controversy over the Man - Part 3, the second interview, 9:13-15

5.  Jesus Affirms His Deity, 9:35-41