The Gospel of Luke
"Jesus Christ: Behold The Man" (Zechariah 6:12)

J. Deering,

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Luke, The "Beloved Physician," (Colossians 4:14), close friend and companion of the Apostle Paul (also wrote the book of Acts)

Most probably 60 AD, but possibly 60-64 AD. Probably from Caesarea during Paul's two-year imprisonment there (Acts 24:27)

Key Verse:

Brief Outline:
I.    Preface: The Method and Purpose of Writing, 1:1-4
II.    The Identification of the Son of Man with Men, 1:5-4:13
III.    The Ministry of the Son of Man to Men, 4:14-9:50
IV.    The Repudiation of the Son of Man by Men, 9:51-19:27
V.    The Condemnation of the Son of Man for Men, 19:28-23_56
IV.    The Vindication of the Son of Man before Men, 24:1-53