- The Ancient Path, Matthew Chapter 7, Outlines

The Gospel of Matthew
"Outline by Paragraph"

Outline To This Point:
"Matthew Outline by Paragraph” [1]

Matthew Chapter 1
I.      The Generations of Jesus Christ 1:1-17
A.      Introduction 1:1
     B.      From Abraham to David 1:21-6a
     C.      From David to Jechoniah (Jehoiachim) 1:6b-11
     D.      From Jechoniah (Jehoiachim) to Jesus 1:12-16
     E.       The 14 Generations times three 1:17

Matthew Chapter 2
I.      The visit of the Magi 2:1-12
A.      Magi from the East
     B.      Magi visit Herod
     C.      Magi visit Jesus Christ
     D.      Magi flee
     E.      The Scriptures are fulfilled
II.      The Flight to Egypt 2:13-15
A.      Joseph's Dream
     B.      Flight to Egypt
     C.      The Scriptures are fulfilled
III.      Herod's Slaughter of the babies 2:16-18
A.      The Slaughter
     B.      The Scriptures are Fulfilled
IV.      The Return to Israel 2:19-23
A.      To Galilee
     B.      To Nazareth

Matthew Chapter 3
I.      The Preaching of John the Baptist 3:1-12
A.      John's message
     B.      The Scriptures are Fulfilled
     C.      The Baptism of John
     D.      The condition of Sadducees and Pharisees
     E.      Baptism by Water
     F.      Wheat VS. Chaff
II.      The Baptism of Jesus Christ 3:13-17
A.      The water baptism of Jesus Christ
     B.      The hesitancy of John
     C.      The insistence of Jesus Christ
     D.      The voice of God - "My Beloved"

Matthew Chapter 4
I.      The Temptation 4:1-11
A.      Jesus is led up by the Spirit
     B.      The 40 day fast
     C.      The Temptations - The Scriptures are Fulfilled
          1.      Bread - feed Thyself
          2.      Temple - Presumption
          3.      Worship - Worship The Lord Your God only
II.      Jesus first goes to the land of the Gentiles 4:12-16
A.      Jesus Goes to Galilee
     B.      The Scriptures are Fulfilled
III.      The Message of Jesus Christ to Israel 4:17
A.      Repent
     B.      The Kingdom is at hand
IV.      The calling of the first disciples 4:18-22
A.      Peter & Andrew
     B.      James & John
V.      Jesus Christ preaches and heals in Galilee 4:23-25

Matthew Chapter 5:1-6:1
I.      Introduction 5:1-2
A.      Saw the Multitudes
     B.      Went to the Hill
     C.      Disciples came to Him
II.      Those who are Poor in Spirit 5:3
III.      Those who Mourn 5:4
IV.      Those who are Meek or Gentle 5:5
V.      Those who Hunger after Righteousness 5:6
VI.      Those who are Merciful 5:7
VII.      Those who are Pure in Heart 5:8
VIII.     Those who are Peace Makers 5:9
IX.      Those who are Persecuted 5:10-16
A.      The Persecuted
     B.      The Salt of the earth
     C.      The Light of the World
X.      Not to Abolish the Law, but to Fulfill it 5:17-20
XI.      The first example, Murder VS. Forgiveness 5:21-26
XII.      The Second example, Adultery VS. Bodily Control 5:27-32
XIII.     The third example, Vows VS. Plain Talk 5:33-37
XIV.      The fourth example, Revenge VS. Selflessness 5:38-42
XV.      The fifth example, Humanism VS. Godliness 5:43-48
XVI.      Warning as to the rewards of Righteousness 6:1

Matthew Chapter 6
I.      Humility in Giving 6:2-4
II.      Humility in Prayer 6:5-15
III.      Humility in Fasting 6:16-18
IV.      Anxiety over Treasures 6:19-34

Matthew Chapter 7
I.      Judging Others VS. Self 7:1-5
II.      Dogs and Swine 7:6
III.      Ask, Seek Knock 7:7-12
IV.      Narrow Gate VS Wide Path 7:13-14
V.      False Prophets 7:15-23
VI.      The Two Houses 7:24-27
Those who hear and Obey - House on Rock
     Those who hear and do not act - House on Sand
VII.      The Multitudes amazed with Jesus Christ's Authority 7:28-29

  [1] "Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE, Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1988."