- The Ancient Path, Matthew Chapter 2, Outlines

The Gospel of Matthew

Outline To This Point:
Matthew Chapter 5

Ryrie Outline
I.  The Person of the King, 1:1-4:25
     A.  His Background, 1:1-17
     B.  His Birth, 1:18-2:23
           1.The announcement of the birth, 1:18-25
           2.The adoration of the baby, 2:1-12
           3.The advancement of the boy, 2:13-2
    C.  His Baptism, 3:1-17
    D.  His Temptation, 4:1-11
    E.  His Inauguration, 4:12-2
II. The Preaching of the King, 5:1-7:29
    A.  The Picture of Kingdom Life, 5:1-16
    B.  The Precepts for Kingdom Life, 5:17-48
          1.  The law of Moses, 5:17-20
          2.  The law of murder, 5:21-22
          3.  The law of reconciliation, 5:23-26
          4.  The law of adultery, 5:27-30
          5.  The law of divorce, 5:31-32
          6.  The law of oaths, 5:33-37
          7.  The law of nonresistance, 5:38-42
          8.  The law of love, 5:43-48

Deering's Outline
Matthew Chapter 5:1-6:1
I.   Introduction 5:1-2
  A.   Saw the Multitudes
  B.   Went to the Hill
  C.   Disciples came to Him
II.   Those who are Poor in Spirit 5:3
III.   Those who Mourn 5:4
IV.   Those who are Meek or Gentle 5:5
V.   Those who Hunger after Righteousness 5:6
VI.   Those who are Merciful 5:7
VII.   Those who are Pure in Heart 5:8
VIII.  Those who are Peace Makers 5:9
IX.   Those who are Persecuted 5:10-16
  A.   The Persecuted
  B.   The Salt of the earth
  C.   The Light of the World
X.   Not to Abolish the Law, but to Fulfill it 5:17-20
XI.   The first example, Murder VS. Forgiveness 5:21-26
XII.   The Second example, Adultery VS. Bodily Control 5:27-32
XIII.  The third example, Vows VS. Plain Talk 5:33-37
XIV.   The fourth example, Revenge VS. Selflessness 5:38-42
XV.   The fifth example, Humanism VS. Godliness 5:43-48
XVI.   Warning as to the rewards of Righteousness 6:1

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