- The Ancient Path, Matthew Chapter 4:1-25 Outline

The Gospel of Matthew
"Gaebelein's Introduction to Matthew Chapter Four"

Arno C. Gaebelien: "Introduction to Matthew” [1]
Matthew Chapter 4

D.    His Temptation, 4:1-11
E.    His Inauguration, 4:12-25

I.     The Temptation 4:1-11
        A.     Jesus is led up by the Spirit
        B.     The 40 day fast
        C.     The Temptations - The Scriptures are Fulfilled
                1.     Bread - feed Thyself
                2.     Temple - Presumption
                3.     Worship - Worship The Lord Your God only
II.     Jesus first goes to the land of the Gentiles 4:12-16
        A.     Jesus Goes to Galilee
        B.     The Scriptures are Fulfilled
III.   The Message of Jesus Christ to Israel 4:17
        A.    Repent
        B.     The Kingdom is at hand
IV.   The calling of the first disciples 4:18-22
        A.     Peter & Andrew
        B.     James & John
V.    Jesus Christ preaches and heals in Galilee 4:23-25

  [1] Gaebelein, Arno C. (c. 1970). "The Holy Scriptures Analyzed and Annotated: Matthew" - Moody Press, Loizeaux Bothers

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